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Manifest Media has aired more than 10,000 instrumental tracks in over 250 TV shows on 30 different channels including Pimp My Ride, Making The Band, The Real World (MTV), Keeping Up With The Kardashians (E!), America's Next Top Model (CW), Wimbledon, The US Open, and Stars on Ice (NBC) to name a few. Manifest Media provides the soundtrack to today's most popular programs.

Manifest Media is currently accepting submissions of INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC ONLY to expand their music library and put some money in the pockets of indie musicians in the process.

Manifest Media’s licensing process is simple: they license music from indie musicians on a non-exclusive basis so that the artist can continue to collaborate with anyone and still own their songs and all copyrights. Manifest Media simply gains the right to license the artist’s music to TV and film production companies, ad agencies, and website developers. When an artist’s track is placed in a TV show, film or ad, and it airs, the money is split evenly between the artist and the company. 50/50. If an artist’s music is chosen for licensing, they are not charged for Manifest Media’s services, so they have nothing to lose by submitting and everything to gain.
The potential for profit is substantial, in fact, the leading composer for Manifest Media made $20,000 in public performance royalties last year alone. When up front license fees are factored in, the income potential is considerable.

All genres are accepted. Instrumental music only. No Lyrics.

Manifest keeps publishing share, artist keeps writers share.