MapMusic's ((( Pop/Rock Against Parkinson's )))

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MapMusic Presents ((( Pop/Rock Against Parkinson's ))). Pop/Rock Against Parkinson's is the 2nd in the series of compilation albums from MapMusic.

When you submit your track to this listing you will be joining in the fight to find a cure for Parkinson's. Robbie Tucker, founder of MapMusic, was diagnosed at the age of 28 at which point he thought his music career was over. After a lot of determination, a medicated Robbie Tucker returned to the stage February 22nd, 2008 with a new 9 piece band (The Dangerous Crayons) and announced the Musicians Against Parkinson's Awareness Concert. They hops to gain the attention of big name music acts, which will in turn bring awareness to the AC and MapMusic.

((( Pop/Rock Against Parkinson's ))) will house a heavy 16 tracks and will be sold exclusively from MapMusic via the Nimbit OMT and iTunes. All of the funds generated will stay with MapMusic and will be used to help MAP create scholarships, fund Parkinson's related events and ultimately find a cure. All of the winners will be added to the website, and on the release of the album MapMusic will dedicate the main space on the front page for pictures, links and media back to the winners. This page will be archived and will remain on the site afterwards in the past winners section.

This, unlike the first compilation will be pressed (25 copies). Each artist who is selected will receive a single autographed numbered copy of the album, depending what track number they are selected for will determine the number of the disc they'll receive. Also, the lucky winners will receive the Musicians Against Parkinson's Awareness Concert #1 DVD autographed by Robbie Tucker & The Dangerous Crayons.