Metal vs Rock - Battle of Bands

Posted by:  Music For Troops


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Music For Troops is pleased to announce the creation of a 2 disk compilation CD set titled "Metal vs Rock - Battle of Bands". The goal of the CD is to showcase and feature 30 Bands (15 metal and 15 rock) on the Music For Troops website, CD's, and CD insert. A minimum of 500 copies of the compilation will be sent to US Troops, and a minimum of 500 copies will be sold in Music For Troops eBay store with 100% of the proceeds going toward sending the "Gift of Music to our Troops".

There are 15 slots reserved exclusively for Sonicbids artists. Submissions are open to all genres related to metal and rock.

The Music For Troops staff will select the songs for the compilation CD's based on originality and quality. The compilation CD's will be distributed to United Stats Troops by Green Beans Coffee World Cafe in cafes at the USA bases overseas.

In addition, all artists will have their photo and website address featured on the insert to be included in the CD set. All submissions will be uploaded to the Music For Troops site as donations, where the artists receive a tax deduction each time their song is downloaded by registered Troops.

Artists selected for the Compilation CD's will be required to pay a small additional fee of $25.00 to help offset the manufacturing costs of production and distribution.

It is also important to note that Music For Troops believes in and supports freedom of speech, but as a non-profit charity, cannot accept partisan or political songs in any direction. Any submissions of this nature will not be accepted and will not receive a refund of submission fees.

Music For Troops is a 501(c)(3) charity that sends the gift of music to troops at home and those that are away from home. Music For Troops is an eBay Giving Works charity and is requesting to be featured for this event by MissionFish, the exclusive charity solution provider for eBay Giving Works.

Please Note: Metal vs Rock requires all selected artists to pay an extra fee of $25 directly to the promoter in order to participate.