27th Annual Mid Atlantic Song Contest

Posted by:  Songwriters Association of Washington (SAW)


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The deadline is approaching to submit to the 27th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest presented by the Songwriters' Association of Washington to help songwriters receive recognition for their work and to further excellence in songwriting through educational programs. Winners in individual categories compete for overall Grand, Second and Third Prizes, including $1000, free Sonicbids memberships, trophies and many more./n/nThe Songwriters' Association of Washington presents the very special 27th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest to help songwriters receive recognition for their work and to further excellence in songwriting through educational programs. Winners in individual categories compete for overall Grand, Second and Third Prizes.

Your entry fee, in addition to making you eligible for a $1000 Grand Prize, and the $100 Gold prize in each category (new this year) provides funding for many educational and networking opportunities in the art and business of songwriting.

You may submit a song in multiple categories. It is possible for the songs you submit to win gold in any category you enter. You will not be penalized for entering in multiple categories.

Submissions are accepted in the following categories:
Adult Contemporary, Folk/Acoustic, Pop, Rock/Alternative, Vocal Jazz and Blues, Open, R&B/HipHop/Urban, Country/Bluegrass, Gospel/Inspirational/Christian, Children's, Instrumental. All genres listed above should be submitted in the most appropriate of the stated eleven submission categories.

Prizes are as follows:

  • Grand Prize- $1,000 cash, Live Music Video (up to $1000 value) recorded at Stairway East Rehearsal Studio, Manassas, Virginia; 1 year Sonicbids membership, 3 yr SAW membership, 1 International Folk Alliance Conference Registration +1 Year FA Membership transferable if not able to be used --does not include travel), 2011 Summer Songs registration, Grand Prize Award Glass Trophy.

  • Second Place Overall-$500 cash, 1 year Sonicbids membership, 2 year SAW membership, and Second Place Overall Glass Trophy.

  • Third Place Overall-$250 cash, 1 year Sonicbids membership, 1 year SAW membership, plus Third Place Overall Glass Trophy.

    Please note:Grand, Second & Third Place Overall receive the larger cash/product prizes ($1000, $500 & $250 plus memberships, services and products), and not the smaller Gold category or special category cash/product prizes.

    Other Cash Prizes:
  • New Gold in each Category- $100 cash prize and gold winner trophy.

    Special Prizes

  • Young Artist Prize- $100 cash prize and 1 year Sonicbids membership to be awarded to the top song submitted by a songwriter aged 21 or younger at time of contest deadline (all co-writers must be under 21). The total prize of $100 is given to the submitting songwriter.

    Certificates are awarded to all other entries meriting finalist and honorable mention status.

    There is a special MASC 26th anniversary new member rate to join SAW($25), giving writers a great deal if they submit multiple songs. Also offered are progressive bundle discounts for 5 or more entries.

  • Grand Prize, 2nd & 3rd overall- Will be announced at the Very Special 26th Anniversary of MASC Awards Ceremony & Gala (c. January 2010!) in the Washington, DC area. Gold winning songwriters MAY be invited to perform at the event as time allows and will be contacted as early as possible to enable them to do so. Not all winners will be able to perform but they will be mentioned by name from the stage.

  • Very special drawings at the Awards Gala- SAW will have their "Swag Bag" loaded with tons of stuff to be given away to those drawn from the honorable mention winners group and even a few prizes drawn for audience members.

    Lyrics must be submitted with each entry. For Instrumental category you must submit a 3-sentence description of artistic intent.

    This is an all volunteer organization/judges are professional artists, venue operators, presenters, Performing Rights Organization representatives, label representatives, DJs and Satellite radio representatives, financial backers & music supporters. They are not paid. SAW will post winners on their website at www.saw.org following the Gala. SAW will make every effort to reach winners as early as possible to alert them to their status in order to allow them to plan for attendance at the Gala.

    Check website for regular prize updates.

    They do not provide judge's comments.

    Please note: You must be a SAW member to submit using the SAW member discount package. Your entries are subject to disqualification if you are not a member and submit using the incorrect package. You may renew your membership in SAW through Sonicbids or through saw.org. Either will get you the snazzy new membership card.

  • Terms And Conditions

    Rules and Regulations:

    1. Each entry must have lyrics EXCEPT for the Instrumental Category.
    Instrumental category entries must include a 3 sentence description as to the artistic intent of the composition (this is essential).

    2. You must not have made more than $5,000 in publishing royalties in 2008 and cannot be employed as a staff writer for a publishing company nor have been paid for such services by a publishing company.

    3. Each entry must be wholly original (co-writers allowed) and shall not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of any third party. Each entrant shall hold SAW harmless from and against claims inconsistent with these requirements.

    4. No composition or lyric may be entered that has been: (1) licensed; (2) placed under signed contract for commercial sale with any major label, publisher or other entity before the deadline; or (3) selected in previous years' MASC contests as Gold, Silver, Finalist.
    HOWEVER: You may re-submit songs having won honorable mention in past contests.

    If entering via electronic submission (online), you still agree to abide by all rules and regs listed here. You may enter as many songs as you wish in each category.
    It is strongly suggested (mercy!) that your song be a max of 4 minutes, but this is not required. You may enter same song in more than one category. All songs remain the property of the songwriter(s).

    5. If entering via mail provide four copies of either a) the complete lyrics of your song or b) if an instrumental provide a three sentence description as to the meaning behind your composition. Include title.
    If song is not in English, provide an English translation (artistic license allowed).

    6. CHECK for technical glitches! We will not replace tracks if you suddenly have a better version. Were really sorry, we wish we could. If you would like to enter that other track as a separate entry, you may do so, but we cant predict how that will affect the judges consideration of your work.


    Grand Prize, Second Place and Third Place Overall winners are NOT eligible for any other (Gold, Silver or special) prize monies or products. The winner of all deadlocked Gold & Silver ties will be decided by the final panel. Only Contest Director & Assistant Director know the songwriter's name until such time as category judging is complete. A NOTE ON JUDGING: All category judging is done by a minimum of 3 judges. Judges are instructed to disregard production /quality of recording. The Grand Prize Winner and Second and Third Place Overall Winners will be determined by a panel of music industry professionals specifically selected for the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest by Contest Director & Executive Committee of SAW Board of Directors.


    NOTIFICATION: Grand Prize, Second and Third Place Overall Winners will be announced at the Awards Night Gala. These winners recieve glass-etched trophies. Gold and Silver prize winners in each category will be notified by phone, email or mail in the weeks prior to the Awards Gala to provide bio & website info. Gold winners will be asked to perform their winning song at the Gala. All winners, including Finalists and Honorable Mention in each category will be listed in Awards Gala program.

    AWARDS NIGHT: The Awards Night Gala will be held in the Washington, DC metro area in late 2009/early 2010--- usually late November/early December. All contestants are encouraged to attend and Gold winners are asked to perform their winning song live but are not required to do so. In the event that certain Gold winners cannot perform, The silver winner in that category may be asked to do so if time permits.

    PROMOTIONAL AGREEMENTS: SAW will distribute and have a downloadable PDF of a press release online for winners to present to their local newspapers. Gold & Silver prizewinners in each category agree to furnish a recorded version of the selected song within two weeks after notification (non-MP3 versions) for airplay during the awards ceremony.
    Winners also agree that SAW may post MP3 clips of their songs on the SAW website. Certain silver winners will be included in a Winners' CD (see Winners CD
    below). The recorded song must be produced to technical standards required by SAW. SAW has the right to edit songs for length, and to omit selected songs from the CD that do not meet SAW's technical standards. ALL top winners consent to having their winning songs used in the manner as listed above as part of their prize.

    WINNERS' CD: Grand Prize, Second and Third Place Overall & Gold winners are guaranteed inclusion in the Winners CD, which is sponsored by OASIS. All Gold & Silver winners will be mentioned in the CD artwork with names & links posted on website.

    OTHER PRIZES: Prizes must be redeemed within one calendar year of Award Ceremony. We will notify sponsors of winners names or provide a certificate to winners if provided by sponsor. If, due to circumstances beyond MASCs control, the independent sponsors do not deliver their prizes to winners, MASC will attempt to replace those prizes with like quality prizes however MASC cannot be held accountable for prizes not delivered by sponsors. Federal, local and state taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner. Unless noted, prizes are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.

    CERTIFICATE & CD DISTRIBUTION: Gold winners receive 10 Winners'
    Compilation CDs. Silver winners will receive 5 copies of the CD. Each songwriter and collaborator listed on the entry form of a winning song, including Finalists and Honorable Mention, will receive a personalized (and really nice) Certificate of Merit as soon as they are available. Division of prizes among co-writers is the responsibility of winners.

    QUESTIONS? Contact masc@saw.org