Midem Presents: Grey Sync Session 2015 - Folgers

Posted by:  Grey


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Midem has teamed up with Grey and Folgers to give you the opportunity to recreate the coffee brand's jingle. 10 songs will be selected as pitch candidates. If a track is chosen for broadcast, the artist will receive a minimum $10,000 payment.

The Opportunity

Since its debut in 1984, “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up” jingle remains one of the most memorable and recognizable pieces of American advertising. Over the years, the Folgers jingle has been brought to life in many different musical genres such as Rock, Country, Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B and recorded by countless celebrities. Now, it’s time to reinterpret this iconic jingle in order to appeal to a whole new generation of coffee drinkers while maintaining the strong heritage with current fans.

Folgers® Coffee, founded in 1850 in San Francisco, stands as an iconic American brand. Folgers helps millions of people start every day with the aroma and flavor of fresh-brewed, Mountain Grown® coffee. From the classic Red Can to Gourmet Selections, there is a Folgers Coffee for everyone.

The Band

  • Your song entry must be your own original version of the Folgers jingle "The Best Part of Wakin' Up" (original song and 2013 winner in gallery)
  • Jingle should be universally appealing
  • Positive and uplifting
  • Flexible enough to be used as a full lyrical song, instrumental bed or just as a sting/audio tag to reinforce branding
  • Open to artists from all countries
  • Open to all genres

The Gig


  • Grey Music director and Folgers will evaluate submissions before MIDEM and create a Top 10 Playlist
  • At the MIDEM ListeningSession, Josh Rabinowitz will present and evaluate the top 10 tracks
Additional Compensation Details:
  • If a track is chosen for broadcast, the artist will receive a minimum $10,000 payment
  • As it is an arrangement of an existing song owned by Folgers, that fee would cover costs of the master, all talent, studio fees and the arrangement
  • No further payments other than arranger royalties that will be generated from the performance of the music in relation to any advertising campaigns
  • If the track is recorded in the US and in accordance with the appropriate Unions - the AFofM (American Federation of Musicians) and SAG, (Screen Actors Guild) - the musicians and singers would receive appropriate residuals


  • Compensation Amount: Starting at $10,000.00