PLAY: Y108 FM and Stonewalls Presents The Friday Night Super Party

Posted by:  BLR Entertainment  | When:  –  | Where: Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

 Booking 15 Sonicbids bands

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BLR Entertainment is looking for at least 15 Sonicbids artists from Ontario to play their Friday night series and receive compensation.

The Opportunity

Every Friday night Y108 FM will present 3-4 local Ontario artists at Stonewalls which has been awarded 'Best Live Music Venue' 3 years in a row from The View and Readers Choice. BLR Entertainment is known for promoting many music events in the Ontario area including the Spring Music Festival.  100-150 people are expected to attend.  Compensation is based on draw.  $5 for every ticket sold by a headliner, $2 for every ticket sold by a support band.

Before each Friday event, Y108's afternoon drive guy, Brian West, will host the Y108 Patio Party at Stonewalls from 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM. During this time, bands selected to headline will have the opportunity to be interviewed throughout the broadcast to promote the performance at the Friday Night Super Party, following the broadcast. 

The Band


  • Local to Ontario
  • Original
  • Draw of 50 for headlining acts (grace of 10)
  • Draw of 25 for supporting acts (grace of 5)
  • 19+ (all band members)
Open to:
  • New & established artists
  • Support and headlining acts
  • Rock, new rock, classic rock, acoustic (NO Metal)

The Gig

  • Indoors at Stonewalls
  • 3-4 bands a night
  • 35-45 minute sets
  • Sets begin at 7 PM
  • Each sets begins on the hour
  • Bands must arrive between 2 PM and 5  PM for Y108 interview and/or sound check
  • No backline (bands encouraged to share)
Additional Compensation Details:
  • Compensation for performance based on draw
  • Interview with Y108's Brian West between 2-7 on day of show (headliners only)
  • Included in 20-30 second commercial ads on Y108 week of show (headliners only)
  • Half page, full color ad in View Magazine including your band (30,000 audited circ.)
  • Promotion on
  • Show promoted to 4500 bands, fans, media and industry via the BLR newsletter

Terms And Conditions

Stonewalls Friday Night Super Party Agreement 

The Friday Night Super Party (hereinafter "The Promotion") and organized by 7805705 Canada Inc. (hereinafter referred to as The Company) is open to bands, songwriters and musicians (hereinafter "Artist") across Ontario who can legally perform in a 19+ licensed environment.

Your band has been confirmed for the Promotion; performance slots and set times are allocated at The Companys sole discretion and while the company will work with you for the most ideal set time, ultimate decision rests with the Company.

You acknowledge that the Promotion is designed to provide the performing artists with an unprecedented amount of marketing and promotion, therefore it is important that you understand the investments made by the Company and the Venue into this Promotion. The goal of this promotion is to catapult an artist into the minds of the public, via Y108, View Magazine and BLR Entertainment marketing resources (i.e. monthly newsletters and promotion on and

Due to the overall investment into this promotion, there is a 'minimum criteria' for all selected artists.  Each Headlining artist must draw no less than 50 people to each event, with a grace of 10 people. Artists will have the opportunity to sell tickets in advance; while anyone paying at the door will be asked which artist they are there to support and when each artist reaches 50 fans in total, the criteria will be deemed as met.

In return, the artists will receive $5 for every ticket sold and $5 for every person that arrives to see them without a ticket, and paying at the door. The Artist is strongly encouraged to check door sales throughout the night to ensure the Company and the Artists agree on the number of fans that have attended for your band. If your total sales fall between 40 and 49, you will receive $4 for each ticket and if your sales fall below 40, the entirety of your portion of the sales will be provided back to the venue to cover the cost of advertising.

In addition to payment, all headlining Artists will feature in the following promotion, even if your ticket sales fall below the criteria:

  • Inclusion in no less than 10 weekly 30-second commercial spots on Y108 and up to a maximum of 20, during the week leading up to your event (250,000 weekly listenership).
  • Inclusion in the Y108 420 Moment Monday to Friday during the week of your event.
  • A chance to be interviewed during the live to air broadcast from 2:00pm until 7:00pm on the day of the event.
  • Name and photo inclusion in no less than 2 advertisements in View Magazine, leading up to the event (30,000 audited circ.)
  • Inclusion and promotion in the BLR Entertainment newsletter (4300 subscribers)
  • Custom posters, tickets and a listing and feature on the web site

The Supporting artists criteria for this event is only a draw of 25 patrons, failure to meet this criteria will result in all payment intended for the Artist, to be transferred to the Venue to cover the loss and cost of advertising.  All supporting artists will receive a standard $2.00 for every ticket sold. Should ticket sales fall below 20, no payment will be issued.

Supporting Artists can expect to receive the following promotion as part of the Promotion:

  • Supporting performance slot for a regional headliner
  • Possible inclusion in select Y108 advertisements
  • Possible chance of an interview on the day of the event
  • Inclusion in no less than one ad in VIEW Magazine
  • Inclusion and promotion in the BLR Entertainment newsletter (4300 subscribers)
  • Custom posters, tickets and a listing on the web site
  • $2 for every ticket sold and/or patron that arrives to see your band (pending above conditions)

We believe that with all of the marketing and advertising that we bring, if a headlining artist cannot draw at least 50 people to a showcase, they are not ready for an event like The Friday Night Super Party. The organizers have invested a great deal of time and money in producing this event and are looking for artists that are serious and wish to further their music career; this promotion is designed to do that get your bands name into the minds of rock and roll fans. This criterion also ensures a packed room for all artists, and exposure to fans who may otherwise not hear an artist's music.

If an artist fails to bring their minimum expected attendance, they can still perform at the showcase but will be relegated in the future to performing at events intended to assist bands who are just starting out or those that have difficulty with a draw.

Tickets are $10 and preference will go to artists selling tickets; all tickets MUST be reconciled PRIOR to ANY on-air interviews on the date of the event. If an artist registers less than 6 weeks from their showcase, their name may not appear on the ticket, poster or subsequent promotion.  Artists are responsible for all tickets sent to them, and must return all unsold tickets and the monies collected from tickets sales on the night of the showcase in order to perform.

Should the Artist fail to provide us with ad material that fall within our criteria (i.e. high resolution photo), the Artist understands that our hands will be tied and unable to properly promote the Artist.

Cancellation and "dropping out" of any showcase requires a minimum of four weeks notice, except in the case of extraordinary circumstances; failure to provide proper notice will result in no future performances with the Company. In such a case, the artist is not to refund any tickets sold, tickets are sold on consignment by the Artist FOR the event and all sales are final. The Company may, at its sole discretion, elect to honour these tickets for that artist's next upcoming showcase, should said patrons not attend that event.

The Company reserves the right to cancel or postpone any showcase without notice. In the unlikely event that a showcase is cancelled or postponed, The Company will honour any tickets sold by any artist for that artist's next upcoming showcase.

Artists can perform at as many showcases as they wish, so long as they abide by this agreement.

By participating in the Party, the artist agrees that The Company may use any video, images or audio recording taken of them at the showcases within their promotional materials, including online and on-air media at the Companys discretion without further authorization, notification or compensation.

All performing artists are required to have at least one good quality recording provided to the organizers six weeks prior to the event.  Artists, who do not have a good quality recording by this time or materials, will not be featured on select promotion throughout the campaign. If you wish for us to refer you a suitable recording studio, we have several partners that would be happy to work with you.


  • Percentage of Merchandise Sales: 100%