Music 4 iPods - Viral Music Promotion

Posted by:  Alexa Digital Radio


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Music 4 iPods is a not a podcast in the true sense, and it's not a radio program either. It's very different. It's a form of distribution that uses "podcasting" technology to promote individual songs without the listener having to sit through a full broadcast.

It's simple mass distribution of your mp3. Think of Music 4 iPods as automated peer-to-peer sharing, like Limewire, BearShare and Kazaa, but instead of going online and searching for music, subscribers to Music 4 iPods automatically have your music sent to them.

When an end-user receives the podcast, included with your mp3 is a link to your personal artist directory page on the Music 4 iPods website. Songs are listed as individual items in separate feeds according to genre. These feeds are never removed or archived. Whenever a new subscriber signs up for a Music 4 iPods feed, they get all of the songs in the genre they want to hear, which means that every time a new person subscribes to a feed, (s)he automatically gets your song downloaded to his/her computer as part of the genre feed. It simply "shows up" on his/her system as soon as he activates a podcast receiver.

Music 4 iPods is promoted in numerous podcast directories and search engines, and has been active for nearly two and a half years.