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This is an opportunity for an artist to be featured in a review and full distribution offer. Distribution will be given to the selected artists from the dozens of affiliate sites connected with The selected artist must submit professionally mastered and/or quality, CD ready material if selected. This is a very valuable opportunity in that, not only does the artist get their music reviewed, but the artist will have the review featured on many affiliate sites allowing the artist massive exposure. This will in turn create opportunities, especially since the artist will be given just the same amount of opportunity for wider distribution channels.

Keith Hannaleck, known as “MuzikMan,” is a journalist specializing in independent and major music reviews and the promotion of artists via the various media outlets flourishing online. He has worked closely with artists, management, publicity directors, and webmasters to provide some of the best and far-reaching coverage an artist could have. Focusing primarily on the internet as a medium for his work, Keith has been a pioneer in the industry changing the way a reviewer with his various talents are used by many artists, PR folks, and labels. He has provided strong and valuable work to labels, artists, and publicity people, writing reviews, press releases, and biographies and much more over the years, giving the people he works with the maximum amount of exposure through several top-notch websites that post his content on their sites.

Hannaleck built and maintained his own website in 1998 while networking and building his reputation through thousands of reviews and interviews, creating a special niche for himself. Through many years of dedication and hard work, he has reached a respected level of competence and knowledge that is frequently sought by the music industry today. Known for his speaking from the heart interpretations of music and being able to put it in layman’s terms for music fans, his work is found everywhere in cyberspace and in traditional print media, from press kits to quotes from reviews in magazine advertisements.