NewGrooveMusic Artist Roster Consideration (Apr - Jun 2010)

Posted by:  Enteramente Artist Services


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The deadline is approaching to submit to, which is now accepting submissions by Indie Artists for their new and unique online distribution site. The site is unique in that it utilizes corporate sponsorship to pay artists for the free downloads offered to music fans. Artists are paid per hit on their page. It is important to note that NGM is a Non-Exclusive Opportunity. Artists are not charged for the service, as it is invitation-only./n/ is now accepting submissions by Indie Artists for their new and unique online distribution site. launched their new website this past August and are offering free downloads of all songs to all fans all the time. This concept of free music distribution has never been done quite like this before (it is an invitation only site) and is sure getting a lot of attention- especially since they announced numerous new signings just before SXSW in Austin, TX in early April, 2010.

It is important to note that NGM is a Non-Exclusive Opportunity. This means that the artist is free to do anything they want with their music. And best of all, NGM will never charge an artist for anything.

All songs on the Website are high caliber professional recordings of hot new artists who may or may not have attained universal recognition yet, but all are potential future stars. This new concept will help them to build their fan bases very quickly and in a way that benefits everyone involved. There are many different genres represented on the website already and NGM plans to continue adding more artists, more songs and more genres, as well as other new features yet to be announced.

How it works:

Fans download NGM music for free and local and/or national businesses sponsor the artists. Then the artists are paid a generous percentage of what the sponsors pay.

Why NGM was created:

One of the most controversial subjects in the music industry today is the downloading of free music. How do you compensate artists and writers for their songs? Artists deserve to get paid for their work, but they don't want to alienate fans by prosecuting them for downloading songs without paying for them. And giving away free downloads helps to attract fans, but doesn't pay the bills.

With the NGM plan, downloading free music is part of the solution- not part of the problem. And the artists get paid for every "Hit" on their NGM page.

Also, today's business people have been searching for creative new ways to get their message out. With the NGM plan they become sponsoring patrons for the artists, which offers them an opportunity for incredible exposure in a format that not only has a cool image attached to it, but is also inexpensive.

Everyone wins with this concept. The artists get a lot of exposure to new fans and get paid for it, the fans get free unlimited downloads of great music, and the sponsors get their message out to the fans in an innovative and cost-effective format.

About NGM

NewGrooveMusic (NGM) was created to address the issue of compensating artists for free MP3 music downloads of their copyrighted materials. Our mission is to promote an organization that benefits everyone involved and ultimately reaches out to the worldwide community with a strong positive message of hope and cooperation.

NGM is based on the age old concept that the more you give away, the more comes back to you. It's a plan for free MP3 music downloads that pays artists and writers the royalties they deserve.

NGM is a division of NBM, Inc. who has been a successful magazine publisher for the last quarter of a century from their corporate headquarters in Colorado.

Enteramente Artist Services are the exclusive A&R representatives for NGM and carefully reviews all submissions for NGM. The listing is ongoing and artists will be notified within 72 hours of their submission if they have been accepted or not. Once selected NGM will build the artists page and provide them with custom widgets to drive traffic to their NGM page.