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PGE has direct distribution with the physical, digital and mobile stores, access to radio decision makers and much more. PGE is listed on the partner page in Muze with the major labels. PGE is one of 2 independent labels/distributors on that page out of the entire music industry! PGE has advertised with double and triple page ads in the biggest magazines and released exclusive music from the biggest rap names.

PGE is looking for vocalists to be featured over their new music. You will be provided with the music and lyrics, you can write your own lyrics if you want to get some publishing money from sales, but all lyrics must be approved by PGE. PGE must love the lyrics you sing! When you have the song perfect, PGE will pay for studio time in your area. You send PGE back the acapella parts and they’ll do the rest: mix down, remixes, manipulating, graphics, music covers and more! PGE will even create a "ghost singers" name for you so we won't stop your career, and they’ll market and distribute the record. If the record takes off and you want to do shows, meet and greets and be in videos, then PGE will discuss this "career move" with you then.

You receive 10% of the sales, which is paid monthly. If you write and perform the lyrics you make 30% in publishing, in which case BMI or ASCAP will pay you after PGE registers the song.

Please Note: PGE is not signing your music and/or you as an artist. All vocalists for this project are “ghost singers” on PGE songs. Any and all career development may be discussed if and when you are selected.