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New Music Showcase is a one-hour video music program produced to promote different genres of music and a variety of musicians. Our first season of episodes was taped at the Comcast studio in Springfield, MA. Currently we are gearing up for Season Two and are seeking the best acts from all genres of music to appear on the show. The new season will air from September 2006 to May of 2007.

Each episode is one-hour in length which includes a 45 to 50-minute set from one musical act, and a ten minute interview. All sets will be taped at the studio and every artist or band that performs on the show will receive a free copy of the show on DVD, along with an audio CD. All artists will also be featured in the photo-gallery on our homepage and have their bio displayed with a link to their website.

Walter Gonet, Creator and Executive Producer of the New Music Showcase and Owner of WG Records, has been in the music industry since the 1970’s and is very passionate about promoting and developing young and up-and-coming talent. Walter and his staff have worked very hard to create the best opportunity for your band; promoting and growing the show so that is now distributed through various Public Access Channels in over 66 cities throughout 7 states. This is an invaluable chance to gain a lot of exposure for your act.

Terms And Conditions

RULES AND REGULATIONS (subject to change)

1. You can only use original music that you own the rights to and able to legally assign the non-exclusive rights to New Music Showcase. If you use any non-original song you must have a license from the copyright owner and pay any and all licensing fees to cover its use.

Note: New Music Showcase will not own your songs. All we need is the right to use the music in any way that involves the show New Music Showcase. You still own the songs and can do anything with your songs. You assign only the rights to New Music Showcase where we can make, duplicate and mass produce tapes, CDs, DVDs and other media and to distribute them for the purpose of promoting the band, their music, etc.

2. Be punctual. The crew volunteer their time to record your performance.

3. Plan a set of 45 to 50 minutes of music.

4. Since we don't control when a cable system will air the shows, we request that you use songs and perform as you would in front of an ALL AGES crowd. We do not want to edit out words and/or actions that would be improper for young teens.

5. Perform as if this is a one hour gig, let your energy come through. Thank the crowd, talk, announce . do whatever you would do at a gig.

6. The main objective is to showcase your talents.

7. You will get hot playing under the studio lights. Dress appropriately.

8. Bring backup instruments (e.g., spare guitars, should a string break, switch guitars).

9. During the interviews please, do not play or touch your instruments. The microphones that pick up the room conversation are very sensitive.

10. Have extra songs. It's better to have too many than too few. If show goes over it is easier to cut a song or two.

11. If you bring equipment (microphones, monitors, etc.) that is to be connected to the studio equipment, you must supply the cable (this helps eliminate the confusion, during breakdown, of who owns what cables).

12. The instruments are recorded through a mixer but not put through the room PA. The vocals will be put into the room. You will need monitors.

13. You are welcome to bring guests. The number of guests depends on the studio that we will be using. You will be notified of the number at a later date.

14. Supply 10 of the most important questions about the band that you feel people would like to know about you. Do not use anything dated since shows will be aired at different times of the year usually many months after the show has been taped.

15. Supply some CDs, DVDs, etc. that you want to promote.

16. Do not wear red.

17. Bring towels for the band (it gets very hot).

18. Most important, HAVE FUN!!!