No Exit Music Video Festival



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Please note: This opportunity is for videos only.

The No Exit Music Video Festival celebrates independent music videos as a unique medium of artistic expression and a natural modern hybrid of film, music, and technology. Now in its second year, their mission is to create a forum where filmmakers and musicians dedicated to both independent film and independent music can showcase their work to audiences and industry-based judges.

Music videos are often considered commercially mainstream tools for marketing music to a particular demographic. However, videos can elegantly tell concise yet stylized stories with the efficiency of a well-crafted short film and the soul and power of a good song. In the spirit of alternative media and independent art of all kinds, and with a great respect for all directors and musicians who offer their unique voices and visions, this festival is a space where directors who specialize in this medium or who merely wish to try their hand at it can create works which will be enjoyed by an audience who appreciates and loves both music and film.

The No Exit Music Video Festival enthusiastically supports all people who pursue their passions in this field not as business endeavors, but because they are consumed by their drive to create. They support all people who choose to use their skill and talent to entertain, inspire, and provoke thought. For the writers, directors, musicians, actors and others involved, each on his or her own road to self-defined success – a road with no exit – they hope to be a pit stop, enabling each to go a little farther.

No Exit is currently the largest music video festival on the East Coast, and continues to grow at an amazing speed. We accept entries from anywhere in the world and place no restrictions on musical genre or video subject matter.

The Festival will take place in January 2008 in New Jersey, and will consist of 25 Music Videos, Musical Acts, Guest Speakers, and an Awards Ceremony all in one day.

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Pricing calendar: This opportunity is set to increase in submission cost.

Before 7/15/07- Combo Package $29.95

Before 7/15/07- Non-Combo $25

7/15/07- 8/15/07- Combo Package $39.95

7/15/07- 8/15/07- Non-Combo $35

8/15/07- 9/15/07- Combo Package $44.95

8/15/07- 9/15/07- Non-Combo $40

9/15/07- 12/15/07- Combo Package $49.95

9/15/07- 12/15/07- Non-Combo $45