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This gig is not currently accepting applications. We think you might like these similar gigs.





Indie In-Tune considers Sonicbids EPKs a PRIORITY. Sonicbids EPKs are reviewed first, before submissions we get through the mail! More Sonicbids artists are reviewed each month, consistently, in Northeast In-Tune than any other publication!

Indie In-Tune is a monthly music, arts and entertainment publication. Due to popular demand, we now have WORLDWIDE COVERAGE!! Although we work hand in hand with most major and many Indie labels to occasionally cover some of your favorite signed artists, our primary focus is on covering, reviewing and spotlighting the Indie/unsigned music scenes of the world! We cover Rock, Alternative, Metal, Folk, Acoustic, Goth, Industrial and Hip-Hop. We are a STRONG supporter of Female Musicians and Acts.

At this time we are NOT accepting: Country, Classical, Children's Music, World, or Latin music.

Our staff is hand picked and your EPKs are sent to reviewers who are interested in the genre of music you perform! We don't give Metal bands to Country reviewers and vice-versa!

With our January 2006 issue, Indie In-Tune celebrated its 1 Year Anniversary and surpassed the 1 MILLION VIEWS mark in 1 year! With total redevelopment of the e-zines website with the Mid-March 2006 issue, we are now stronger and growing faster than ever! Submit today!

Because of the vast number of EPKs of specific genres being submitted,
we have instituted a HOLD on the following types of music until we catch up:

  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Ambiant
  • Acoustic
  • Americana
  • Adult Contemporary

Please DO NOT submit any of the above music genres unless you agree to a
6 to 10 month lag time before your review appears.

We will remove this notice when we have caught up!

We are still accepting all variations of the following:

  • Rock
  • Alternative
  • Blues
  • Goth
  • Industrial
  • Punk
  • Electronic/Dance

All Hard Rock and Metal should be submitted to our new Metal Feature Drop Box: