Noteborn Music - Remix Contest

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Noteborn has put together a competition in which one artist will receive one professionally remixed song by Big Sky Recording. Artists will retain 100% of all master recordings and ownership of their songs. This opportunity is set up for artists that have not had the chance to have their material professionally mixed. The estimated value of this prize is over $1,200

Noteborn Music and Big Sky Recording have come together to help artists achieve the next level of a final mixed product ready for the professional market. Big Sky specializes in taking existing recorded songs and re-mixing them into a professional recordings for use within radio, TV, and movies. The finished product will be shopped to labels and used for TV and movie licensing opportunities by Noteborn Music.

Here are some links of sample tunes from Big Sky Recording.

Some of the artists that Big Sky has worked with include:

Robert Bradleys Blackwater Suprise, Rollie Tussing, Jo Serrapere,Dave Shelton, Shipwreck Union, Maui Film Festival, Dick Siegel, The Silos, Letterbox, Jenifer Smith, Beth Stalker, Starlight Drifters, The Still, Studio Tone, Sugar Buzz, Swing Street, Tamara Bedricky, Tangerine Trousers, Tim Diaz, Patrick Thomas, Tim Fagan, Timothy Monger, Tom Loncaric, Tom Toth, Tracky Mack, Tak Tsukatari, Tuxedo Junction, Twiss & Moore, Walk & Squawk, Whitley Hill,3rd Street Productins, Three Speed, 58 Greene, Acoustic Cafe, Al Hill, Alex & Naomi Anest, All Hail Me, Annie Capps, Alpha Waves, Atomic Numbers, Ben Wilson, and Big Dave and the Ultrasonics.