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The NZ Online Songwriting Competition is launching Peace Song, open to International and New Zealand artists. The theme-based competitions are partnered with humanitarian and other charities to encourage, inspire and empower positivity in songwriting. Prizes are worth over NZ$10,000./n/nThe NZ Online Songwriting Competition is launching 2010 Peace Song. The non-genre, online based songwriting competition provides theme based songwriting competitions which partner with humanitarian and other charities to encourage, inspire and empower positivity in songwriting. There will be prizes awarded for both New Zealand and International artists.

Entrants worldwide are invited to set aside genre and create a single piece of music which best encapsulates an inspired peace message. In the case of 'Peace Song', 30 Human Rights videos form the basis of inspiration for songwriters to write a song which could influence audiences to positive change.

Prizes are targeted at empowering the aspiring singer songwriter at the entry level and include an International prize package and a New Zealand prize package.

The international prize package valued at NZ$10,000 includes a home studio recording package for computer by Jansen Professional Audio & Lighting, A personal vocal coaching with a top 40 singer Yulia, artist brand development by Barach Media and music business coaching with a current commercial artist manager.

The NZ prize package includes a day in the studio with NZ music award winning producer Chris Whyte to produce an acoustic instrument song or instrumental demo. Travel expenses within NZ are part of the NZ prize package. Conditions Apply.

Judges include two times NZ music award winning Yulia, NZ Music Awards winning music Producer Chris Whyte, Classic Hits Commercial Radio breakfast host Rick Watson and artist manager Glyn MacLean, also the competition founder.

All artists will receive song feedback. All artist song submissions will be added to NZ Singer Songwriter 'label' and be promoted on the 'label' widget on Reverbnation.
The competition reaches a crescendo during NZ Music. Month in May 2010.

Terms And Conditions

The following information describing how to enter and prizes forms part of the terms and conditions of entry to the NZ Online Songwriting Competition PEACE SONG (Competition).
By entering the Competition each Entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The organiser of the Competition is Oikos Music Ltd trading as NZ Online Songwriting Competition and PEACE SONG, a NZ registered company number 1703784, PO Box 22263, High Street, Christchurch (Organiser).
All entry fees will be paid to Oikos Music Limited and will go towards the administrative costs associated with running the competition.

Entry into the Competition is open to all amateur and professional songwriters, regardless of nationality or origin, whether published or unpublished.
Entry must be in the name of an individual writer (Entrant).
The Entrant must be the writer or co-writer of each song entered under his or her name.
Employees (and their immediate families) of the Organiser are ineligible to enter.

Songs written by multiple co-writers are eligible for entry, however each song must be entered under the name of the individual Entrant only, with the other co-writers acknowledged on the artist reverbnation profile.
It is the responsibility of the Entrant to divide any prizes with co-writers as appropriate.

Entrants may enter up to a maximum of ten songs either one song at a time or as a bulk entry.
To enter online, Entrants must follow all of the directions on the submit page of this web site.
Entries will only be confirmed and validated on receipt of payment AND with other details required as per the four steps on the submit page of this web site.
All entry fees are non-refundable.

Tuesday 20th October, 2009 - Competition entries open
Wednesday 31st March, 2010 - Competition entries close
Thursday 1st April, 2010 - Elimination Round of Judging Begins
Monday 26th April, 2010 - Elimination Round of Judging Ends
Tuesday 27th April, 2010 - 10 Competition Finalists announced
Saturday 1st May, 2010 - Audience measurement begins during NZ MUSIC MONTH
Saturday 22nd May, 2010 - Audience measurement ends during NZ MUSIC MONTH
Wednesday 26th May, 2010 - Competition winners announced during NZ MUSIC MONTH
June 2010 - Finalist Certificates, Winner Certificate & Prizes Dispatched

All entries must be received online no later than 11.59pm on 31st March 2010.
The Organiser accepts no responsibility for any changes in the Competition starting and closing dates.

What should my song or instrumental be about?
The first competition is being called PEACE SONG. The expectation is that songwriters and instrumentalists come up with a piece of music that has a peace theme to it. However we are sharing links to 30 human rights videos on the video page and were asking songwriters to pay particular attention to the 30 human rights and to the work of Amnesty International.
It is the Entrants responsibility to ensure that the recording submitted in respect of each entered song is complete and playable on the artist profile on
We suggest aiming to upload 192kbps to 320kbps MP3 files up to a maximum of 8mb on your reverbnation profile. This is free of charge. You may however choose to upgrade to the paid mega storage facilities on reverbnation which allow up to 25mb file size per song, at your discretion.
All entry materials (entry forms, MP3 recordings, CD recordings) submitted will not be returned to the Entrant.
Copies of entry materials may be retained by the Organiser strictly for promotional purposes in accordance with these terms and conditions.
Otherwise, all entry materials will be destroyed after the Winner is announced.

All Entrants (or their publisher if applicable) will retain all copyrights and all other rights controlled by them in any song entered in the Competition.
For the avoidance of doubt, no copyrights in any song entered will be assigned to the Organiser by virtue of entering this Competition.

All entries submitted must be original songs and shall not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties.
In particular, Entrant warrants that he or she has obtained the written permission from any co-writer or publisher controlling any rights in the entered song.
Entrant shall, by entering, indemnify and hold the Organiser harmless from and against any claims inconsistent with the foregoing.
Entrant acknowledges that all songs entered may be distributed to the judging committee who will be selecting the Winner, and Entrant agrees to release, indemnify, and hold the Organiser and judges harmless for any liability, damages, or claims for injury or loss to any person or property relating to, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, participation in the Competition.

All entries will initially be judged by the Organiser prior to the referral of a short list of ten (10) songs to a judging committee that will select the International and the New Zealand Winner.
All entries will receive a written (email) evaluation based on the judging criteria below.
The judging committee will comprise a selection of music industry professionals.
The judging committee will provide Entrants with feedback in relation to entered songs.
The judging committees decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Entries will be scored and judged as follows:
5% Performance,
5% Recording,
10% Audience listens
10% Melody,
10% Composition,
10% Originality,
20% Lyrics, (where applicable)
30% Effectiveness


Where samples and loops are used we measure the producers performance
Otherwise this applies to musical and vocal performances within the recording.

We are particularly looking for innovation VS quality.
We will also measure on production in the context of the recordings ability to deliver a message which invokes an emotional response and engages the listener.

Audience will be measured once the artist profile on reverbnation is added to the NZ Singer Songwriter label profile. This will enable the Competition to accurately measure listens between the agreed dates and to make a final evaluation about which songs have (a) received the most plays and (b) have been the most engaging (listened to all the way through the song). This information is then factored into the final evaluation.

MELODY - 10%
Is the melody unforgettable and will we find ourselves humming it.

Song structure.

Is a truly unique piece of work.

LYRICS - 20%
10% Poetic prose
10% Positivity of the message
Lyrics may be in any language
NB: English language translation must also be provided

10% How well has the artist communicated the content or context of the 30 human rights videos in communicating an inspired peace message?
10% Does the song invoke a lasting emotional response which could inspire the listener to personal change?
10% Is this a song which friends would share with friends and which would take on a life of its own like successful songs such as John Lennons Imagine?

The Organiser will use its best endeavours to announce the Winner by no later than 26th May, 2010, but will not be held liable for any unforeseen delays in the judging process.
The Winner will be notified by email, post or telephone.
The Winner will also be posted on the website
The Winner may be required to sign a statutory declaration confirming that Winners song is original, that the song does not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties, and that all necessary permissions to enter the song have been obtained. Failure to sign and return the statutory declaration within the required time period or provision of false information may result in disqualification and an alternate winner may be selected.

There are two major prizes:


a.STUDIO RECORDING PACKAGE provided by sponsor valued at NZ$2,269.00 and consisting of 1 x Audio-technica AT2020 Microphone NZ$299.00, 1 x Phonic Studio Monitors (Pair) NZ$1,380.00 and 1 x Firefly Audio Interface NZ$590.00
b.BRAND CONSULTATION & LOGO, BRAND DESIGN PACKAGE provided by sponsor valued at NZ$900.00 and consisting of consultation and development of logos and images (provided by winner) for use in artist promotions.
c.MUSIC BUSINESS MENTORING PACKAGE provided by sponsor valued at NZ$5,625.00 and consisting of 100 hours or 3 months of music business coaching.
d.VOICE COACHING LESSONS provided by sponsor valued at NZ$1,206.00 and consisting of 13 online SKYPE voice training lessons by multi platinum selling singer Yulia.


e.STUDIO RECORDING - DEMO PACKAGE (for New Zealanders only) provided by sponsor and NZ Online Songwriting Competition (travel underwritten by Oikos Music Ltd) Consisting of *travel, song auditioning, pre-production planning/preparation, arranging, producing and recording one song for demo purpose. (*special conditions apply applicable to time frames, flight carrier etc.)

The Winners entitlement to the Prize described above is subject to the following:

a.The International - Grand Prize and the New Zealand - Grand Prize will be awarded to the individual Entrant(s) who submitted the winning song and the division of the Prizes among co-writers (if any) is the responsibility of the Winner.
b.There will be no transfer and substitution of prizes except as necessary due to availability in which case a prize of equal or greater value will be awarded. If it is necessary to substitute a prize, the Competition reserves the right to give the winner a substitute determined by the wholesale value of the prize. All winners agree to release the Competition and sponsors from all liability regarding prizes won. All federal, state, and local taxes, and customs fees, when applicable, are the sole responsibility of winner. The Competition will not pay any winners' taxes. Prizes will be sent out within a reasonable amount of time, and the Competition will use its best efforts to send prizes out in a timely fashion. Please note that prizes which are being sent to winners from Sponsors may take longer than prizes sent directly from the Competition. If the winner has not received any portion of prizes within 180 days and has not responded to the Competition communication, the Competition will no longer be responsible for delivery of prizes.
c.The Organiser will not cover any associated costs in connection with the Winners enjoyment of the Prize other than those expressly stipulated above. Without limiting anything else in these terms and conditions, the Winner is not entitled to any reimbursement of any kind as a result of entering the Competition or enjoying or participating in the Prize or part of the Prize. Any taxes payable in relation to the Prize are the sole responsibility of the Winner.
d.Organiser reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, at any time during the Competition period, to vary, withdraw, postpone or cancel the Competition or Prize including without limitation, in circumstances where it cannot conduct the Competition or grant any part of the Prize for any reason beyond its control.
e.Subject to clause 14(d) above, in the event that the Organiser postpones or varies the Competition or any elements of the Prize, the Organiser (and any party associated with the Competition) shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage of any kind (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss or loss or damage caused by the Organisers or other partys negligence) arising out of, or in connection with, the postponement or variation of the Competition or the Prize (or part thereof). Nor will the Organiser or other party be liable for any loss, damage, payment or expense of any kind (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss or loss or damage caused by the Organisers or other partys negligence) or personal injury or other damage suffered or sustained as a result of the entering, judging, running, cancellation or acceptance, enjoyment or use of the Competition or the Prize (or part thereof).
f.The Organiser has the right to refuse to allow the Winner to take part in all or part of the Prizes, if the Organiser deems, at its discretion, that the Winner is not in an appropriate physical or mental condition to ensure the safety of the Winner or the other parties involved, or the Organiser otherwise deems that it is not appropriate for the Winner to take part in all or part of the Prizes for any reason.

Entrant agrees that should his/her song be selected as the Winner, the Organiser shall have permission to use the song, as well as the Entrants name, likeness, and voice solely for future advertising and publicity purposes in connection with the Competition without additional compensation.
In particular, Entrant agrees to the Organiser or its agent recording a performance of the winning song by the Winner (or other designated performer), and the Organisers use of such recording solely for future advertising and publicity purposes in connection with the Competition without additional compensation.

16. The Competition and these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand and all Entrants irrevocably and unconditionally consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of New Zealand.