Midem Presents: Ogilvy Sync Session 2014

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Midem has teamed up with Ogilvy to give you the opportunity to have you music considered for an exciting project!

What does your city sound like?
Philips CitiScape headphones are at the heart of a new, always-on music and content platform dubbed You Need to Hear This. It is all about giving people new music in ways theyve never heard before - from cave raves in Northern Spain, to pub tables you literally need to hear, to world first music video games. Now Philips wants to hear the cities of the world.

What is Philips looking for?

Philips wants to experience your city or any city in the world via music. What beats, melodies and lyrics bring to life the rhythm and spirit of your city? Philips wants you to inspire them with an audio tour of your city whether that's an existing song that always reminds you of a particular city, or a new track put together by actual sounds of the city. The music can cover any genre, but should have a direct link to the city. There are countless text and visual guides of the world, but Philips wants to create the first musical guide.

The world is a playlist. Lets plug in and hear it.
The top selected tracks will be announced at Midem 2014 during the Ogilvy Sync Session on Saturday February 1, 2014 at 4:00pm.

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