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Out of Step Entertainment's past is most peoples futures; the Los Angeles based firm maintains a history of integrity and honesty amongst the sea of competing greedy sharks in the entertainment world. Out of Step is guided by ethics, values, and a little Midwest charm. President Geoff Koboldt is an MBA graduate executive who has formed a myriad of serious business relationships with key players in the entertainment and action sports world, taking the reigns and positioning the company at the forefront of a musical revolution.

Furthermore, they are committed to giving 5% of profits to charity.

Out of Step Entertainment is comprised of dynamic, charismatic businessmen who continuously and proactively engage what is taking place in the market as well as work diligently to innovate new ways of getting your music out to your target audience. Having been working-class artists (Geoff performed over 200 shows per year), as well as handling the marketing and promotions for major label acts (RCA, Dreamworks, Capitol, BMG, Universal, Warner, etc.), they know first-hand the struggles of making it in the complex music business. In fact, they have personal friends who have sold 3+ million records and still owe the label money after being dropped. It is indeed an unforgiving cut-throat industry!

Out of Step Entertainment management package includes:

  • Designing, developing and executing a total-package strategy
  • Assembling a team of leaders to manage all aspects of the business from lawyers to agents to A&R
  • Relentless promotion to everyone we meet - exponential growth.
  • Touring and Promotion - Maximizing positive returns while opening up new doors, gaining sponsors/investors, etc. Note, we are not a booking agent.
  • Helping you with major business decisions, such as deciding which record company to sign with, who to license your music to, choosing a publishing company, and more importantly how to negotiate the maximum amount.
  • Creative process - theatrics and live presentation skills, which producer to use, which songs to record, selecting photographers, designers and website content.
  • Coordinating a publicity campaign with our various friends throughout the US who handle public relations, branding and advertising. Our own guerilla marketing techniques will also be utilized.
  • Alliances with key bands to maximize exposure in new markets as well as key businesses who utilize music..

These artists have licensed their music in movies grossing more than $200 million, landed development deals with major labels, gained National sponsorships, performed in International festivals and returned a profit on a $15k investment as a local band.

Out of Step Entertainment is currently working or has worked with a diverse range of artists from indie rock, folk, jazz, punk, acoustic, electronic, synth-pop rock, metal, alternative rock and more.