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"Patch Fitness" is a newly launched and quickly growing subscription based interactive exercise website that is the latest product by the Egoscue Method Health and Fitness clinics. They take care of their clients with a holistic approach, of which music is a key part.

"Patch Fitness" is seeking a small library of great music that they can offer their website subscribers to listen to or for free download. They seek to introduce independent artists to their client base, and to showcase their music to help aid clients in workouts and cool-down processes.

"Patch Fitness" is looking for songs with a positive message about life - songs that encourage people to live fully, to take charge of their own lives on their own power, to heal themselves, and for the good things they are discovering about themselves and the world. They are looking for songs from serious slow songs, to fun and upbeat songs

They are looking for three different types of songs:

1. Slower tempo songs - reflective, introspective, current popular sounding songs. Several genres will be considered, including Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter, Ambient, and Adult Contemporary. Think of music you'd like to put on when you're doing Yoga, but without the new-agey feel - just good, mellow modern music you'd listen to while relaxing and wanting to feel good. Clients will be listening to this CD while laying on the ground and holding poses.

2. Mid-tempo songs - These are songs used for clients doing a cool down after their heavier excercises. Think of the music you'd like to hear while driving home after you just had a great workout, with the same themes as above - positive, hopeful, feel-good songs.

3. Up-tempo songs - For use during a faster, more strenuous athletic workout, these songs will get the listener focused and confident in their workout. These songs can rock, or be dance-in-the-club type songs. "Patch Fitness" workouts are designed for people to have fun, be carefree, and act like a kid again. We're seeking both fun, upbeat, positive music of all genres.

"Patch Fitness" may also offer selected artists future opportunities for exposure, including future compilation CDs, as well as performance opportunities at clinics and conferences around the country.

Your music, helping others heal.

Terms And Conditions


This is a simple agreement, stating the terms and responsibilities, entered into this day, October 2, 2007, between Success Through Fitness, Inc (Company) and the ARTIST.

In agreeing to these terms, the Artist confirms that they have 100% ownership of the song(s) and are able to allow this usage.

In this agreement, the Artist allows the Company the non-exclusive use of the submitted song for use on the Companys website,
The use of the song on the Companys website includes:
- Company makes Artists song available for a free download to the Companys website visitors.
- Company may stream the song on their website pages to draw traffic to the music section.
- Company can use Artists name, image and biographical information for purposes of promoting the music and Artist.

In return for the free use of the Artists song(s) on their website, the Company agrees to the following:
- Company will promote the artist to their client base and encourage clients to visit Artists website and purchase albums.
- Alongside the name of the downloadable song, the Company will put the Artists name, and up to four links (i.e. artist website, album purchase page, download services, iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, etc.), along with a few word description of the music.
- Company may periodically feature the Artist, using further biographical information and details about the music, in which case, artist will be asked for further details or images to share.
- Company agrees not to manufacture or distribute sound recordings separately from stated website usage.
- Whenever Artists song is used on different pages of the website, Company will provide correct credits to Artist and provide links.

Future Uses: Any use of Song not specifically covered by this agreement is retained by the Artist. There may be some future uses of the song that the Company would like to consider, and may be negotiated with the Artist at a future time.

Termination: The use of the song can be terminated at any time by either the Company or Artist. The Company agrees to remove the song from their website within 5 business days if the artist chooses not to participate in the future. The Artist agrees that any misuse, breech of use, or termination of use will be remedied by removal of the song from the website within 5 days of written notification to the Company. No other action will be sought by the Artist against the Company

Commencement of Agreement:
This Agreement shall commence upon the acceptance of of Artist's song by the Company and through the checkbox of Artist's acceptance of these terms via Sonicbids.