Music For Peace Program

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More and more fans and artists are coming to Peacedrum to be entertained and to be a part of a larger emerging social consciousness. Music For Peace is an independent voluntary program for artists and consumers in order to raise awareness of peace and rehabilitation programs, as well as help fund credible organizations that are working on progressive peace initiatives.

All artists, including spoken word and comedy, can submit a work such as a song or poem to the Music For Peace Program. It can be almost anything as long as the work is ready for electronic distribution via the Internet. Consumers, advocates, fans, people etc, can come and download the works listed on Music For Peace page free of charge. In time, a consumer will be able to download complete compilations based on recorded works found on the Music For Peace page. Music For Peace then has links to popular, legitimate and registered peace and rehabilitation organizations. The recorded works are free with suggested donations to their choice of listed organization. People can also donate to the active letter writing campaign and direct lobby initiatives and lobby education that members of Music For Peace adopt and subscribe to. Samples and template letters that can be sent to elected official can also be found within the peace blog.

The premise is based on the growing acceptance of downloading music for $1 a song, or an entire CD collection for $5 or more. This program takes the position that instead of giving the money to large corporations that do very little to support independent art or peace, for that matter, why not give the proceeds directly to those on the front lines trying to make a difference.

For an activist or someone who was thinking about making a donation, this program offers desirable products in return, as a way to say thank you. For a consumer that did not know these organizations existed, it brings awareness to groups. Consumers of Music for Peace are totally encouraged to contact the peace organizations listed. In fact, it may be a good idea to see if there is a local branch in your town that needs your grass roots help. From the artist perspective, this program provides a way to raise the bar and raise the voice of a collective consciousness during a time when the general voice of artists seems to lack conviction.