Po Boy Drums 2009 Endorsment

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Po Boy Drums is a Colorado Company that started in 2005 and kicks off formally in 2007. The founder, Tony Chadwick, has been playing drums and music for over 23 years and started this company to bring some light into the darkness of rising drum percussion and cymbal costs. As a gigging musician, Tony had repeatedly been frustrated by the breakdown of equipment and high cost of having to replace it. With this in mind he created the Po Boy drum Sets Brand. Acting as the manufacturer and retailer, Po Boy Drum Sets has skipped the middleman to create a brand that truly has quality and price point in mind. There are mp middleman mark ups or advertising costs in expensive drumming magazines.

Po Boy Drums is looking for drummers who will afford their company as much exposure as possible. Touring drummers, instructors, independent drummers, and studio session drummers are all eligible for endorsement, however the amount of exposure an artist can provide Po Boy Drums will directly determining the level of product discount they can offer as their endorsement.

Po Boy Drum Sets is interested in submissions from the following:

  • Studio Endorsement: If you have a studio that records multiple artists on a monthly basis.

  • Instructor Endorsement: If you are a professional drum instructor holding lessons regularly.

  • Session Drummer Endorsement: If you are an active session drummer recording full time with multiple artists (references are required).

  • Touring Endorsement: If you are touring nationally, have a CD released or being recorded, a web site and are gigging at least 5 times per month. If you have radio airplay, it is a bonus.

    Please be sure that your EPK is completely up to date and filled in, including upcoming tour dates or gigs, press, bio, and music.

    An endorsement deal will get you professional level gear for the deepest discount available in the industry. Po Boy Drums is also developing quite an extensive network of drummers that are communicating and working together. Some of the most successful artists on their rosters are the ones that are communicating with each other and utilizing this network.