Pongid Radio

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Pongid Radio is a new independent online radio station streaming music to listeners worldwide and also into the 3-D virtual world of Second Life.

Pongid Radio will choose and feature two different Sonicbids artist/band(s) every month; the featured artists will have their photo on the Pongid web site along with a link to their site and a short description of their band.

Pongid Radio is on the air 24 hours a day. They accept all genres of music – they play what they like - and they like all kinds of music. Pongid will have a mix of rotations - some genre based but some with a mix of many genres, including themed shows and "favorite" shows. They are currently working to build a roster of hosts for special shows.

Pongid Radio is an independent radio station and is exempt from the DMCA. This broadcast is streamed by LIVE365 from the LIVE365 website. If your music is accepted, you will need to fill out an online information sheet as well as give Pongid Radio permission to play your music, acknowledging the DMCA and royalty information noted above. You keep all rights to your music - they just play it at their discretion - but they are indie friendly and are here to help you get exposure.

Please Note: Pongid Radio does not provide compensation for accepted music, but artists have the opportunity to receive exposure from radio play and from the web site and social networking pages for Pongid Radio- and from their broadcasts in Second Life.

Terms And Conditions

You must own the rights fully to the music you are submitting and understand that Pongid Radio is an independent online radio station exempt from the DMCA and that you will not receive royalties from airplay. We do not guarantee any minimum number of radio plays from this submission. If your music is accepted for airplay, you agree that your name can be listed on our web sites and that the music that you submit can also be listed and played on our independent online station anywhere that it is streamed. You may also be asked to fill out an information form that serves as a signed permission statement.