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Based in Midland, TX, Promising Projects, Inc. is an artist development, management and booking company currently looking to expand their client roster and seeking new artists to sign.

Promising Projects was born with the purpose of nurturing “projects” from ideas through growth and into maturity. Thus, the tagline, “where ideas come to grow.”

They are seeking artists writing their own music, or whom at least have a good start in this direction. They will not consider anyone who is strictly a cover band, and are looking for artists located in the lower 48 states.

Promising Projects evaluates each proposed project on a case-by-case basis. The scope and nature of their involvement in a particular project may vary drastically from project to project, depending on whether the nature of the project fits within the envisioned direction and portfolio of Promising Projects.

They intend to maintain a diverse portfolio of talented artists that are not born of the mainstream or attempts to cleverly mimic or slightly deviate from the mainstream. They will only work with people who demonstrate open-mindedness, willingness, humility, creativity, and a desire to develop the expression of gifts and talents within themselves for the benefit of the greater good. They do not have any tolerance for what they dub "big-shot-ism" or a desire to be involved in projects driven solely by ego.

The “projects” that they sign will be solid artists in which they see the possibility of paving the way for significant contributions affecting positive change in the lives of people and those surrounding or involved in the project.