RAH RAH RAH! Rock Art & Hip Hop: Music & Art Series (Feb-April 09)

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Mission Statement: Created by and for musicians & visual artists in appreciation of each others creations, complementing creativity and our need to express ourselves.

RAHRAHRAH! is a roaming event and takes place in various clubs, art houses, galleries an alternative spaces in NYC/Hoboken/LA/SanFrancisco.

RahRahRah! is a support system created and curated by a core of musicians & visual artists. A great portion of fine art (Paintings) is provided by the nonprofit organization Artfully Aware in addition to individual Visual/Fine artist. Please visit www.artfullyaware.org

Artfully AWARE "is a global not for profit organization established in the United Kingdom and the United States, comprised of individuals united by their passion for international arts education and community development."

All proceeds of any art sold @ RAHRAHRAH! events is donated to Artfully Aware or any other organization of the individual fine artist preference.

We do not take any portion of proceeds of art sold by fine artist and or musicians merchandise. Bands and musicians get paid based on their draw.

Back in the 50's and 60's They said Rock & Roll was a passing trend, in the late seventies early eighties they said Hip Hop was nothing more than a fad. Way back in history cave drawings illustrated mankinds need to document and express ourselves.

Rock & Roll and Hip Hop are homegrown American creations which today are worldwide forms of expression.

Musicians and bands within the Rock & Hip Hop spectrum as well as all their sub genres and offshoots are always welcome. We support all artistic & musical styles although our main focus is Rock & Hip Hop, Fine art, Graffiti, Sculpture, Performance art and so on.

We started out with NYC as our focus but we've expanded to LA/SanFrancisco/Hoboken. So get down and cheer for yourself and your fellow artist. Please do join us.