Rainmaker Media Group (Mar-Jun '13)

Posted by:  WHIPLASH PR

  Booking 1 Sonicbids band

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1 grand prize winner will receive a free publishing package.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The most frustrating experience a musician will ever endure is to look upon the stage, listen to the radio, read the arts section of a newspaper or magazine, surf a website, or view music television and wonder why some artists succeed and some don't. The answer is simple: marketing, publicity, and promotion.

Regardless of genre, age demographic, and musical ability, without the power of the media, your artistry will never reach its full commercial potential. Rainmaker educates you on the machinations of the music media and the myriad of ways to define and succeed in a niche market. Rainmaker affords the experience of public relations professionals who've been there and done that. Rainmaker's contacts are among the strongest in the music industry. Rainmaker excels in print, broadcast, and electronic media. Thanks to its efforts, Rainmaker artists have attracted major/indie label A & R attention, augmented their fan-base on local and national levels, and have upgraded live performances with regard to quality and quantity of venues. Via previews, reviews, features, special events, news items, and other strategic campaign tactics, Rainmaker artists are maximizing their talents and going places. So far, Rainmaker has selected 25 bands who have since made giant steps forward for their music careers.

A few of the bands that Rainmaker has been fortunate to work with have included: Guster, Patti Rothberg, Aloha, Sam Bisbee, True Love, The Fuzzy Pinks, The Catholic Girls, Jake Stigers, Dudley Saunders, Blowuphollywood, The Cringe, Cropduster Records and Magnatune Records.

Thanks to many years of developing relationships with journalists, editors, reviewers, bloggers and national and international contacts of all varieties, The Rainmaker Media Group has been able to individually tailor its efforts by targeting members of the media who will specifically champion its clients. These personal relationships with the clients and media alike provide The Rainmaker Media Group with a deeper understanding of each one's needs and talents.

The Rainmaker Media Group is fearlessly creative in it's pursuit of press coverage for all clients, a dedication inherent in the fact that, as an independent publicity firm, it chooses carefully which projects to take on. The Rainmaker Media Group staff is dedicated and enthusiastic and regularly goes beyond the call of duty, securing any opportunity that would be beneficial for client.