Rebel Recordings - Free Recording of 5-Song EP

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Rebel Recordings is a full service recording studio located in Mastic, New York. We can accommodate recording needs of any size, from solo acts to full bands. We have the equipment, and more importantly, the knowledge to make your recordings sound their best.

We are currently holding a contest for artists of any musical genre. This is an excellent opportunity for new bands who cannot afford the exorbitant fees studios and producers charge to record quality demo material. The winner(s) of this contest will have the opportunity to record a full five song demo/EP at no charge. In selecting the winners of the competition, we consider creativity and musicianship, as well as uniqueness, but perhaps most importantly, each artist must be willing to dedicate the time and energy needed for the recording process.

There is one slot reserved for a Sonicbids member!

We aren't here to wow people with an expensive list of equipment that unnecessarily drives up the cost for our customers. We have excellent equipment and software, and talented engineers who have mastered the use of this equipment to consistently produce excellent results. As musicians, we were sick of paying out the nose for sub-par recordings on Eastern Long Island. We believe that we provide the highest quality, professional sound at an affordable price for all musicians. Finally, we only use legitimate, licensed software, so you can be assured of a glitch-free session.

Some of the services we offer include the following:

  • Recording - We welcome all solo and group acts of all genres.

  • Mixing - Did you already make the mistake of recording elsewhere, and are you now stuck with raw and un-mixed audio files? Bring them to us for a truly professional sound.

  • Mastering - Are your tracks missing that certain commercial "pop" that you hear when listening to songs on the radio? We can master your tracks to give them an industry-standard commercial sound.

  • Vocal correction - We have the best software for vocal correction currently available. Why spend several hundred dollars if we already have what you need? Send us your vocal tracks and let us correct them for you.

  • Drum replacement - Is your rhythm section lacking punch? Using Drumagog software, we can make sure the drum set is the driving force behind your music.

  • Orchestral/Production Arrangements - Does your song have a synth part? Does your chorus have a mysterious flute/violin duet? Are you a hip-hop or solo artist who needs royalty free backing music? Ask us how to include an unlimited number of professional orchestral arrangements in your music using East West Silver, Hardcore Bass, and other state of the art software.

  • Studio Musicians - Need someone to fill in on lead/rhythm guitar or bass guitar? Look no further.