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Oldmixon Sound is looking for artists in all genres to perform at We know that the sound industry and the entertainment industry cannot fully exist without talented, driven, and successful artists. The only way to keep this afloat is to keep YOU the artist alive and well!

The Opportunity

Artists are expected to use a higher quality microphone, audio interface, or mixer. Higher grade cameras are great but not required. Oldmixon Sound does not want artists using computer audio or cellphones for the inputs. Full bands are expected to send a mono or stereo mix into the live stream. 

The Band

Artists are expected to promote the show. Oldmixon Sound will make an event on Facebook and make the artist an administrator. This allows all parties to promote the show using the same uniformed event page and imagery. You the artist may create your own event instead. In that case, Oldmixon Sound will need you to share the images or promotions poster so the Website can add it to a public events calendar. 

The Gig

Oldmixon Sound pays the Artist 75% of all generated revenue (after taxes and fees). During the pandemic and ongoing human rights movements, Oldmixon Sound will donate its 25% to a charity or cause chosen by the Artist (the charity MUST be an accredited and recognized organization). 

If the Artist chooses to have their 75% donanted, Oldmixon Sound will make that donation at the same time as its own donation. 

After the live Performance, it will remain on the website for a minimum of 4 days. The stream may remain up until the next live stream. 

Artists who perform on Oldmixon Sound's live stream services will have up to 2 songs added to a Spotify Playlist that only supports artists who have performed (artists must have an active Spotify page). This Playlist will go public within the coming months. 


  • Compensation Amount: Determined at time of booking

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