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Sonic Smoothie is a brand new podcast where Brooklyn musician, Russ Stone, talks to artists about their influences, their process, and the burning, urgent questions, like, what did you have for breakfast?

It's a fun hour and we aggressively promote our guests on all of our social pages!

The Opportunity

Russ Stone only loves 2 things in this world: music and everybody.

With the help of his moderately competent producer, Russ sits down in the same shirt he's been wearing for weeks and a quarantine beard to talk to musicians from the global indie scene about their process, their beginnings, and the last thing they ate.

This is your new hub for genuine conversations between a good listener and great artists. If you're into that sort of thing.

The Band

-All indie musicians welcomed

The Gig

-New episodes every Thursday morning
-Keep applying and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis


Apply by Jul 07, 2022

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