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Resonate.TV launches in January, and is a music video show highlighting independent artists from around the world. The show will be available online, twice per week, and as a video podcast.

Our singular mission is to bring back the glory days of MTV, without commercials, reality TV shows, or annoying hosts. And to promote quality independent music in the process.

ResonateTV will be available for viewing by anyone with a PC or MAC, video iPod, Playstation Portable, or any other video-playing device.

Why are we confident that show will be received by tens of thousands around the globe.

1. An explosion of interest in “videocasting.” (Even amateur video shows are receiving 1000’s of downloads per day.) Using RSS technology, users can simply subscribe for free with one click, and have each new show delivered straight to their desktop, PSP, or video iPod

2. Insomnia Radio Network branding and cross promotion. Insomnia Radio has received numerous awards, including “Best of the New Web” by Business Week Online. Cross promotion within our network ensures increased viewership of your videos.

3. Professional presentation. ResonateTV will be unhosted, thereby keeping viewers in the “video world.” Instead of a VJ, we offer attractive animations and transitions between videos, including facts about the bands being presented.

Submission Guidelines: Please Read Carefully

· MUST Have Sonicbids “Supersonic” EPK so we can preview video

· GENRES ACCEPTED: Rock, Electronica, Hip Hop, Folk, Hard Rock, Emo, Hardcore Punk, Alternative, Grunge.

· GENRES NOT ACCEPTED: Hardcore Rap, Country, Top 40

· Minimum Audio Bitrate: 128k

· Minimum Video Bitrate: 512k

· Format: Quicktime (.MOV), MPEG4, or AVI only

· Indie Only: Do not submit if you’re affiliated with the RIAA or major labels.

· Live footage set to your song is ok, provided the audio is high quality

· Animation is also encouraged, provided it is set to your original music

· Signed Bands MUST have approval from their label to submit video

· No sex or nudity (unless tasteful) within your video, please



· Liberated Syndication

Artist Compensation

· No monetary compensation, but it is our hope that promoting your music to thousands will be a great exchange of value

What happens after you submit?

· We will review your videos available on your Supersonic EPK. If we dig it, we will contact you requesting a higher quality version, if necessary. We will provide several ways of submitting to us, via email, FTP, or physical mailing.

· We’ll notify you when your video is being featured, as well as include links and bio information about you on our website.