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Romulus Music Group is a music production/management company that works with unsigned artists looking for a label deal. Based in Los Angeles, California, RMG owns their own recording studio (Front Page Recorders) and have worked with many artists, record labels and music supervisors. Genres accepted include: rock, pop, alternative, hard rock, metal, singer/songwriter, acoustic, r&b, hip hop and most permutations of these genres.

The co-owners of RMG, Biff Vincent and Darrell Devlin, are musicians themselves and through Biff's studio Front Page they have worked with numerous labels, major and indie, not to mention major films and television. The list of artists include: Alanis Morissette, Social Distortion, Ozzy Osborne, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Fergie and many more. Films they have been involved with include Shrek, CharlieĀ’s Angels, Pulp Fiction and more. RMG has 3 bands they are currently working with and are doing private showcases for Sony/Epic, Atlantic, Warner Bros., and Hollywood Records to name a few.

RMG can complete the record, shop the deal, and handle the management end. Being musicians themselves, they have the edge on many aspects of the music industry, including a sizable list of contacts.