Rose Street House of Music & Harmony Tours (Jul-Oct '09)

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Rose Street is a grassroots house concert and touring musical community, located in Berkeley, CA, bringing out women's voices through poetic and original music of substance and depth. They host house concerts monthly, occasional workshops, and put on events in the community (including benefits for organizations such as domestic violence agencies, Breast Cancer Fund, educational opportunities for low-income communities, Katrina relief i.e. New Orleans Musicians Clinic, and other causes).

Rose Street also facilitates collaborative Rose Street Harmony Tours, known as "Rose Street on the Road". Past tours have included CA, Northwest, Hawaii, Alaska, Southwest, East Coast, Midwest, etc. The tours usually include Rose Street artist & founder Irina Rivkin so if the tours specifically interest you, please check out first (this part does not apply to the house concerts). Rose Street artists may be invited to share radio/cable-tv shows together, and participate in showcases at music conferences.

Rose Street is entirely volunteer-run and volunteer-hosted, and has been operating since 1999. There is a minimum of six slots reserved for Sonicbids artists. Over 50% of artists submitting to Rose Street through Sonicbids in 2007 were selected.

For the Rose Street Harmony Tours, artists are compensated based on the tour's income after expenses. For Rose Street House of Music house concerts, artists compensated through audience door donations (which are $10-20 sliding scale, $5-$9 for low income). A small amount goes for promotional expenses (no more than 10%) and the remaining 90%+ goes to the artists.

Due to allergies and chemical-sensitivities of the hosts, the Rose Street concerts in private homes are fragrance-free (no perfume, patchouli, etc.).

Before submitting, it is suggested that artists make sure their music fits into the Rose Street mission statement by visiting the Rose Street website.

Past performers have included SONiA & disappear fear, Kris Delmhorst, Pamela Means, Erin McKeown, Zoe Lewis, Erika Luckett, Shelley Doty, Alix Olson, Doria Roberts, Rebecca Riots, Vienna Teng, Noe Venable, Jamie Anderson, Erica Wheeler, Rose Polenzani, Rachel Bissex, Gwen Avery, Danielle Howle, Irina Rivkin, and over one hundred additional artists.

Terms And Conditions

Rose Street is entirely volunteer-run and volunteer-hosted. We make no guarantees. Artists have earned as much as $900 and as little as $15 from performing at the house concerts we volunteer to host. We have a 1000+ person local email list (as well as smaller lists for some of the Rose Street Harmony Tour areas), but people tend to come out more for folks whose music they know (though we do have some regulars too :o)

Artist agrees to refrain from wearing perfume, patchouli, lavender, and other strong fragrances when performing at the Rose Street Concerts (2 of the hosts are allergic). We also ask that artists mention "fragrance-free" or "perfume-free-venue" or something to that extent in their announcements to fans (for house concerts).

Artists who are selected and scheduled for a concert will be asked to send one hard-copy CD for promotional purposes (we like to play cd's of upcoming artists during the house concert intermission)."

FYI, for the house concerts, shoes are left at the door (great opportunity to show off your cool socks :o)