Rustcycle Remix Contest #2

Posted by:  Neurode Forge


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Here's your chance to receive a free remix ($500 value) by Rustcycle of Neurode Forge Studios! One Sonicbids artist will be selected to have one of their songs remixed by Rustcycle, an Independent Music Awards finalist (electronica).

Rustcycle looks for songs that have a strong hook, interesting progression, and at least one exceptional element in the palette - whether that's a vocalist or instrumentalist.

In particular, they are looking for areas where the remix can sound substantially different from the original. For example, maybe the original is in one key throughout the song, affording the opportunity to add a key modulation. Maybe your song could sound more dance-oriented with some additional rhythms behind that great groove you created. Maybe your song is dramatic, but it could be made epic with some live strings (one of Rustcycle’s specialties). Perhaps your album needs a mellow song to round things out; they can replace some of the instruments with more atmospheric elements.

Rustcycle also looks for elements to enhance in your original composition. For example, if your guitar parts sound a little thin, they can round them out with some resonant synth parts. Maybe the synth string parts sound a little cold and mechanical; they can add depth and nuance with some real acoustic and electric string parts.

In the past Rustcycle’s done some genre bending. Two of their favorite projects were making a rock instrumental into a club mix (Alexandre Caetano - Portugal) and giving a pop song a bit of rock edge (Ysa Ferrer - France). It's enjoyable to come up with ways to re-interpret the essence of a song. They hope to broaden your audience if they transpose the core of your song into a different genre.

It's necessary to have the original tracks that comprise your song's mix. If your song is selected, you will need to provide the source material - including separate audio files for each instrument/vocal track. In some cases it's acceptable to have multiple tracks sub-mixed (for example a single track containing the audio from several background vocalists) but generally the more separated your instruments are the better. At a minimum, you’ll need to provide the vocal part (or other lead instrument) separate from the rest of the instruments.

As you decide what track(s) to submit, here are some things to consider:

  • Is there a song where you can work together with Rustcycle to turn up the "gain" on the personality of the song?

  • Is there a song that you can take in a totally different direction to give your audience more variety?

  • Would another version of your most popular song be a treat to your fans?

  • Is there another genre you'd like to explore with a remix?

  • The particular remix style often includes electronic sounds with additional string/guitar parts as desired - do you want those aspects fused with your song?

They want to hear your most unique creations; selected artists will be involved heavily, using your ideas and feedback at every step in production of the remix. This is very much a collaborative process. This remix will let your individuality shine through, supported by some of Rustcycle’s signature sounds and techniques.