SONGS & WHISPERS European Tours: CIRCUIT 02/2012 & 03/2012

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*Please note: This listing is for 2 separate tours/circuits, and artists will be able to choose which specific circuit they want to be considered for when submittings. Artists must be able to perform at the dates the choose

A SONGS & WHISPERS circuit is a unique “ready to go” 21 day tour across Northwestern Europe organized by [ps] promotion. They are seeking 2 bands to participate in self-guided tours for the Second and Third circuit with stops in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands over almost four weeks. The second circuit will run from February 10th- March 4 and the Third circuit will run from March 16th- April 8. The selected artist will be provided with a rental car and lodging, and will have detailed support and guidance throughout their trip. This is a great opportunity for bands from the US, UK, Europe, and elsewhere to tour in Northwest Europe, build a fanbase in a new area, make new friends/contacts, and take their career to the next level. The selected band will be matched with another act with local touring experience. This act will share most performance dates with the act selected from Sonicbids.

Overview of a SONGS & WHISPERS Circuit:

  • Selected artists are booked on a 21-day tour circuit and given a detailed itinerary

  • Rental car, insurance, and fuel up to a value of €1000 are provided for each band. Money will be paid out to the artists based on receipts received by S&W from the artist only, no other form will be accepted. If the total amount spent on transportation is less than €1000, the difference remains property of S&W.

  • Bands are provided lodging at the artist flat (or another similar flat) in Bremen, Germany, which is in driving distance of most gigs.

  • Bands receive tips by passing a hat. The average tip collected per circuit in total is usually €1500. Sonicbids bands retain 25% of this total.

  • Nearly all venues provide a free meal and drinks

  • Bands can sell merch at shows and keep 100% of the income

  • Bands will be promoted through email blasts, local radio/TV, press releases, posters, flyers, and more

  • Minimum of two recording days free of charge in a digital 24 track recording studio (without an engineer)

  • SONGS & WHISPERS maintains a 24/7 support hotline in case of any issues.

SONGS & WHISPERS is specifically seeking acoustic, alternative folk, alternative country, Americana, bluegrass, rock, singer/songwriter, and soul acts, but would consider some other, more eclectic/unclassifiable performers as well. Just note that some of the venues are small spaces that do not allow drums or very loud acts.

Check out previous SONGS & WHISPERS performers on their YouTube channel.

History of SONGS & WHISPERS:

Facing the fact that most labels, venues or promoters could or would not take the financial risk of working with an unknown artist, [ps] promotion decided to set up an infrastructure to promote, release and support music they like. Out of that, SONGS & WHISPERS began as a 5-day tour in January 2009 and had already grown into a 3 week circuit put on every single month by January 2010.


Shows take place across in all kinds of traditional and non-traditional venues like music clubs, bars, hostels, record stores, churches, cinemas or an organic farm. The list of venues for each circuit is very similar, and SONGS & WHISPERS has a long-standing relationship with many of the venues, which range in capacity from 30 to 300. That makes arrangements for transportation and general logistics simpler, and some venues even have a built-in draw from local fans that come out to each SONGS & WHISPERS night at their local venue. Be sure to check out this detailed speadsheet with the most up to date list of stops that will be included in circuit 2 and 3 (please note that details are subject to change).


Any flight or train travel will NOT be covered by S&W

The artist will tour by car driving on their own, guided and backed up by a well planned schedule and travel book. There is a 24-hour hotline for artists to reach SONGS & WHISPERS for anything they need and bands will be greeted by a SONGS & WHISPERS rep upon their arrival in Belgium and at multiple gigs throughout the circuit. Check out their Google Map for more information on the location of tour stops, lodging, transportation, and other useful stops like music shops, pharmacies, and recreation areas.

There is a 6-bed flat provided for artists in Bremen, Germany, which is in driving distance of most gigs. Please remember that bands must provide their own travel/air fare to get to the region, while transportation and accommodation during the tour is provided.


SONGS & WHISPERS promotes each of their circuits using messages to their email list, press releases to local media, 1000 posters and flyers distributed across Northwestern Europe, and through other means. The circuit also includes stops in a number of local radio and TV stations such as Radio Weser TV, Radio Jade or Radio Leinehertz Hannover. Stations set aside time for on-air interviews, but each station is of course to select the artists that will be aired. Selected Circuit shows will be recorded with a HD video camera and are provided to the artists free of charge.


S&W shows are usually free of charge. A hat will be passed around by artists to collect tips during or after the show. S&W will give artists guidance about how to do this best. Bands may also collect live performance royalties through their PRO. Note that the "pass the hat" method is standard in Germany and generally brings in more than tips during performances than it might in many other countries.


Artists can sell every kind of merchandise during the show and keep 100% of the income. The average total amount of CDs sold during the regular shows is ranging from 90-140 per artist, so definitely bring plenty of CDs to sell. Additional money can be made by busking and selling CDs on the street. It is doable and acceptable in most of the German city centres, even if its not 100% legal. The maximum amount of CDs sold while busking was 400 during a single circuit. Former S&W artist Cajita says, "You will sell more CDs than you expect. Bring a lot."

PA system/backline:

A sound system will be provided for all shows. Please keep in mind that, depending on the size of the venue and your repertoire, backline and amplification has to be adapted and stripped down to the local situation. Please note that there is no backline available in the venues, however S&W can provide a basic backline for an additional fee.


  • "After that first tour, I came back to the UK and did a few gigs. People commented on how much better and more confident I was live than before the tour. All I could think of was going back for more gigs in Europe. In 2010, I went back to Germany six times for various festivals and gigs. In 2011, I've already been three or four (once for the full tour again), and have plans to go back for more.... Suddenly, through S&W, the idea of being a performing, touring musician for a living has become a viable option." -Cajita [UK]

  • "The amount of venues you get to play in such a short space of time [is what makes Song & Whispers special]. Personally, I’m very excited to play in venues that aren’t normally venues, so playing in art centers and theatres and wherever else. It means you play to audiences that normally don’t come to gigs." -Roger Illingworth of Buzzard Lope [UK]