10th Annual Nashville SongWriters Festival on Music Row

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 Booking 6 Sonicbids bands

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The 10th annual Song Fest on Music Row is 3 days of live, original music of all genres performed in Nashville, TN. Multiple stages, classes, open houses, networking and gathering of old friends represent the past, present and future of songwriting. There are 6 slots reserved for Sonicbids artists to perform their original songs live at the festival.

The Songwriters Festival is part live original music festival, part music conference, part networking opportunity and part gathering of old friends held on June 1-3, 2012. The live performances, education and Open House are concurrently running events. Attendees can take in all or parts and 'play it by ear'.

Songwriters of all genres share their music on multiple stages and open sing rings. The festival is open to all forms of songwriting, from the novice to the professional. There are no pre-qualifications to play or attend. Everyone is encouraged to come as they are. All attendees will have the opportunity to share their words or music and find their place in the mix.

While at the fest, writers can also attend Pro Instruction classes, workshops, Q&A sessions and gather other personal information, all about the craft and business of songwriting.

The Open House is held by participating recording studios, publishers, song pluggers and other music related businesses, where writers can drop by without an appointment to ask questions, exchange samples or discuss what part they play in the business of music. Artists can register their music for the Open House and festival attendees can stop by and check out some of the songs.

For registered and non performing writers there will be a "Writer's Area" provided by the festival near the Info Booth. At the display table attendees can deposit their CD'S and the fest staff will take inquiries or make sales for participants. Artists can also drop off a copy of their songs in the Festival Drop Box, where their materials can be checked out by the fest or forwarded to others.

Terms And Conditions

Performance Specifics: Attending As A Performing Songwriter

Performing Songwriters will be scheduled on specific stages to play 3 songs on 3 different days that you are attending the Fest. You may stand or use chairs. There are multiple stages. Original songs, lyrics and music only. Co writes acceptable or songs written by family members.

If you are a registered writer and have someone accompanying you, they will need to have a general admissions pass. For Bands, One Writers Pass and general admission passes for each band member will be required. If everyone wants their own slots then they will need to obtain separate writers passes.

The Play Schedule will be posted online, emailed to you and press released May 15th.

Please check in near the sound board at the stage you are scheduled to play at 30 minutes in advance of your slot.

Either the sound man or the stage manager will have the Play Schedule. Find them. If you are late for your slot a substitution may be made by the stage manager or move up to the next scheduled writer in line. Check in and hang around. Don't leave and come back. Get ready and be ready.

Writers are responsible for providing their own instruments.

Everybody has their own style and creative process. So you may....personally perform solo playing an instrument or.... have a friend play for you while you sing or.....have someone else perform your original song for you.... or sing it A Capella.... or give a reading of your lyrics or.... sing to your own original tracks. The choice is yours.

Their will be 4 mics and 4 plug ins. The stages are designed to plug and play. Each stage will have a sound person. To save time you may just introduce yourself and start jamming.

On stage, registered performing writers can play solo, duo or with other registered writers to get your message out.

Small band units are welcome. If you must have percussion, you have only one mic. Use bongos, brushes on a suit case, single snare, etc. (get quick and creative.)

No drum kits, special amps, etc. The fest is more about the song and the writer. It's Plug into the sound board via a direct box and play."

You can also play unscheduled in Sing Rings or Create-A-Rounds. You are also allowed to start a Sing Ring most anywhere you like, anytime.