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Join Berklee College of Music educator, recording artist, and former world class athlete/coach Vinx De’Jon Parrette, in a three day creativity workshop/jam session designed to help you better understand the source of your inspiration. Modern lifestyles are so often restricted by boundaries and social constructs that it is easy to lose touch with our creative truth. We rarely recognize that our genius walks within our own unique creative process.

“My ART is my opinion and my CREATIVITY is in the telling of it.” – Vinx

The Workshop Objectives:
1. Ways to be inspired (triggering the artist within)

2. Introduce the participants to themselves. (twinkle twinkle)

3. Expose their unique opinion and creativity. (authentic self)

4. Learn to respect the creative process and truth of others. (true diversity/first kiss))

5. To see and hear beyond the obvious. (the back story)

Vinx is as close as you'll find to a 21st century Renaissance Man. Known to music fans as a percussionist and vocalist, his music is classified by some as jazz, by some as world music and by others as soul. With a style all his own, he has been compared to the likes of Nat “King” Cole and Harry Belafonte as well as Sam Cooke, Bobbie McFerrin and even Fred Flintstone. Most often, Vinx is remembered from his opening act on Sting’s Soul Cages Tour but he has also worked with numerous other artists as varied as Stevie Wonder, Cassandra Wilson, Darius Rucker, Vance Gilbert, Taj Mahal and the Spin Doctors to name a few. No matter where or when you’ve heard him, one thing is for certain:

”Vinx is the gift you give to someone that you really care about” ~ Stevie Wonder

The workshop fee is $300 but we are offering a scholarship opportunity for (1) sonic bids artist to attend at no cost. (the attendee will need to cover transportation and lodging)