SOS Music Supervision Seeking Songs for Short Film

Posted by:  SOS Music Supervision


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SOS Music Supervision is seeking a country song with male vocals and a 60s-era retro song for inclusion in a new short film called "The Kiss Goodnight" now in production. A $200 flat sync licensing fee will be provided for each song selected for placement./n/nSOS Music Supervision is seeking two songs for a short film called "The Kiss Goodnight". All tracks must have high production values and be ready for inclusion in the film. A flat $200 "all-in" sync licensing fee will be paid for each song chosen for inclusion in the movie. Adam Balazs, respected film composer and music supervisor, will be reviewing submissions and selecting songs for the film.

End Credit Song:

Country with male lead vocals. Message is very positive: "Life is Good...", "Everything is fine...", "Don't Need Much for Happiness...". Mid to Up-tempo but with a relaxed feel; think as if Jack Johnson sang country, or a track with a Jimmy Buffett vibe.

Song for a Montage:

The song needs to have a 60s-era retro sound. Male lead with female background vocals and a brass section are preferred. The vibe should charming, not harsh, and have an almost innocent upbeat tune that could have played on "American Bandstand" in the 1960s.

Synopsis of "The Kiss Goodnight":

There are those who don't say what they think - they're called average. There are those who say, what they don't think - they're called liars. And there are there are those who say what they think; they usually become martyrs. The Kiss Goodnight is a comedy about speaking your mind and facing the fears everyone faces - well, that is if they dare to look the right way. It's a satire about realizing that prior to living up to expectations, one must first learn to live.

Please Note: The artist must own or control the copyright to his or her master and composition to be considered. Covers songs are therefore not acceptable.