SoulFest 2011

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Situated in the beautiful Gunstock Mountain Resort of New Hampshire, SoulFest is the largest multi-day Christian music festival in the Northeast. SoulFest is currently taking submissions for Sonicbids artists to play on 3 of their 5 stages. Over 100 artists will perform at the festival, and past performers include Norma Jean, Skillet, As I Lay Dying, Third Day, Newsboys, and Haste the Day among many others.

In addition to the music, SoulFest features guest speakers and authors from around the world, extreme sports, onsite camping, swimming, chair lifts to the Mountain Top Stage, hiking, volley ball, and more./n/nSoulFest is the largest multi-day music festival of its kind in the Northeast. This four-day music festival features world renowned Christian music of all genres on five separate stages, guest speakers and authors from around the world, extreme sports, onsite camping, swimming, chair lifts to the Mountain Top Stage, hiking, volley ball, and more! Situated in the beautiful White Mountain range of New Hampshire, Gunstock Mountain Resort is an idyllic haven for guaranteed soul rejuvenation and celebration.

Over 100 bands will perform at the festival. Soulfest is looking for artists that are able and committed to promote SoulFest at their church and throughout their community. Performance opportunities are presently available on: Deeper Well, Mercy St. Cafe, and Mountain Top Stages.

Last year's lineup included Third Day, Newsboys, Skillet, Casting Crowns, As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, The Chariot, Fire Flight, Manic Drive, Phil Joel, Family Force 5, Haste The Day, and many more. Proudction is provided for all stages.

Experience what it means to live the revolution Jesus started, at SoulFest, New England's premier Christian music festival and family retreat. Soulfest provides its guests with an experience that will last a lifetime. For so many, SoulFest has become an annual reunion. It's a wonderful opportunity to reconnect, catch up and meet new life long friends. SoulFest inspires the lives of countless people from so many different walks of life and all ages too - to take the irrepressible spirit-filled momentum experienced at SoulFest, beyond the four days, back into their homes, their communities, churches, this great big beautiful world.

The festival also has a strong focus on social justice. As news of the AIDS pandemic made it to the US in the mid-1990s, a statistic surfaced stating: "only 6% of the Church in North American thinks the AIDS pandemic is an important issue and half of those people think it's a well deserved judgement." That statistic, true or not, along with a growing concern many shared about whether or not their Christian faith was relevant, served as a catalyst for starting SoulFest.

From year one, SoulFest invited Doctors and AIDS workers as well as individuals with AIDS to participate in educating, and inspire involvement. At SoulFest '07, 3 inidividuals who had escaped from the LRA (children abducted in this army) in Uganda spoke at SoulFest. SoulFest has evolved to become champions of smaller New England-based charities, as well as continuing an effort to raise awareness and inspire responses to the plight of Africans, the results of extreme poverty in the US and abroad, modern slavery, and other critical issues. Jesus wasn't giving advice when He said to Love our neighbor and look out after the least of these. Matthew 25: 1-46 is printed in every issue of the festival program. True Believers are known in their communities for their acts of compassion, kindness and humility, not their religious affiliation. We believe our lives will be more fulfilling, more abundant if we are actively engaged in our communities, in our world, fighting against injustice and dedicated to wiping out extreme poverty in our life time.