SpOOOnful (Sep-Dec '09)

Posted by:  The Rights Workshop


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SpOOOnful is a free weekly email newsletter that highlights one new artist or band each week to make it easy for music fans to discover great new music. The features include a streaming song, purchase links, and all the information their subscribers need to discover new artists./n/nSpOOOnful is a free weekly email newsletter that highlights one new artist or band each week. They are now accepting submissions through Sonicbids for a chance at being featured in the newsletter. Each band's feature includes one streaming song, links to purchase full tracks/albums, a writeup, and relevant promotional links. In other words, they make it simple and easy for their subscribers to discover new music.

More About SpOOOnful:

You used to be the one to turn your friends on to new music. You were the first one to get "Nevermind", you went to all of the Sunday matinee punk shows, you saw the Beastie Boys play to 50 people in someone’s basement, you spent hours at the local record store trolling the bins for those rare European imports. But you grew up and somewhere between the job, kids, relationship, mortgage, and, well, life, you lost touch with all the great bands and artists coming out every day. You could sift through the pile of unread music magazines on your coffee table, spend days looking for new music online or suffer through a relentless barrage of monotony on the radio. SpOOOnful thinks there’s an easier way to stay plugged in.

Say hello to SpOOOnful. The mission is simple. A free weekly email newsletter delivered right to your inbox introducing you to one great new artist or band at a time. You’ll get a preview of what they sound like as well as links to buy a track, a whole album, even get out to a show. We hope to turn you on to some new sounds from across many genres including indie rock, singer-songwriter, dance/ electronica, hip-hop, and jam. As we build our library, we will add information about essential artists from the past few years as well as shows and festivals that you might be interested in. They never accept money for our editorial opinions and are not affiliated with any record label. Most importantly, SpOOOnful keeps it simple and easy.

Previously featured artists have ranged from well-known acts like The Dead Weather and Bat for Lashes to undiscovered acts from across the US, UK, and the rest of the world.