St. Mary's College Events (2007-2008)

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St. Mary's College of Maryland is a small, public, liberal arts college on the shores of the St. Mary's River in Southern Maryland. Their Programs Board is seeking artists to fill performance openings for a series of events throughout the fall and spring semesters, as well as their large cultural event in April. They are active members of NACA and attend regional and festival conferences each year. The student body is diverse and open-minded, and the Programs Board tries to mix up the entertainment every year because the students enjoy the variety.

They have hosted a wide variety of performers each year, including Jimmy's Chicken Shack, Recycled Percussion, Black Violin and Steve Caouette. St. Mary's College is a hub of varying entertainment interests, and they look forward to bringing your talent to their students!

Performance opportunities on campus include the following:

  • Coffeehouse Series: St. Mary¬ís College is seeking acts to perform as part of the Thursday night coffeehouse series that is ongoing throughout each semester. The school typically brings roughly 4 off-campus acts to perform during semester. Coffeehouse begins at 8 p.m. and usually lasts between one and two hours. Off-campus acts typically play for 60-90 minutes.
    Compensation ranges from $300-1000 dollars. Travel is not included, though meals are provided on campus, and lodging for one night may be considered. For the Fall 2007 semester, they are seeking artists to perform on Nov. 29, 2007. For the spring 2008 semester, they are looking for 3 to 4 performers to fill spots from January to May on Thursdays.

  • Spring 2008 Comedy Series: The Programs Board is seeking comedians to fill slots during the spring comedy series, taking place on Friday nights in January and February. The Comedy Series takes place in St. Mary's Hall, an auditorium that seats approximately 220 people, at 8 p.m. The maximum compensation for performers, including agent fee if applicable, is $2500. Travel costs are not included, though meals and potentially lodging are covered. They have two open dates: 1/25/08 and 2/15/08.

  • Spring 2008 Spoken Word Series: The Programs Board is also looking for spoken word artists to fill slots in the spring 2008 spoken word series. These events will take place in Cole Cinema, a venue that holds approximately 150 people, on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m.
    Compensation ranges from $300-1000, and travel costs are not included. Meals and lodging may be provided.
    Open dates include 2/27/08 and 3/5/08.

  • World Carnival: St. Mary's largest student-run event is World Carnival, a celebration of diversity that will take place on April 18 & 19, 2008. Cultural and musical performers are needed for Friday and Saturday that weekend. Compensation ranges, depending on act type and place in the schedule.

  • Terms And Conditions

    The following is an excerpt taken from the contract used with all of our artists and performers. This contract must be used for any act requiring payment on campus:

    1. PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS: The Artist and/or Agent is responsible for compensating his/her musicians or performers as agreed between him/her and the musicians or performers. Payment will be made after the performance. The method of payment will be by check. No additional costs for items or services will be borne by the College without its express written consent.
    The Artist and/or Agent understand that no taxes will be withheld, that they are responsible for complying with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, including, but not limited to the Maryland State Admissions and Amusement taxes if applicable, for complying with any union or other rules pertaining to deduction for dues and any health and welfare fund, and for any other union or federation deduction or payment.

    2. ACCESS TO PREMISES: The Artist will be allowed reasonable access before and after the engagement for set-up and removal of equipment. The Artist will be admitted to the place of any engagement no earlier than 6:00 pm and the Artist will arrive no later than 7:00 pm. The Agent's Representative will be allowed access for consultation with the Artist at any time. Take down of the Artist's equipment will be completed within 30 minutes after the performance.

    3. NON DISCRIMINATION: The Contractor agrees: a) not to discriminate in any manner against an employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, marital status, national origin, ancestry, or physical or mental handicap unrelated in nature and extent so as reasonably to preclude the performance of such employment; b) to include a provision similar to that contained in subsection (a) above in any subcontract and c) to post and to cause subcontractors to post in conspicuous places available to employees and applicants for employment, notices setting forth the substance of this clause.

    4. DISPUTES:
    Except as otherwise may be provided by law, all disputes arising under or as a result of a breach of this contract that are not disposed of my mutual agreement shall be resolved in accordance with this Disputes clause and SMCM Procurement Policies and Procedures, Protests and Appeals.

    As used herein, claim means a written demand or assertion by one of the parties seeking, as a legal right, the payment of money, adjustment or interpretation of contract items, or other relief, arising under or relating to this contract. A voucher, invoice, or request for payment that is not in dispute when submitted is not a claim under this clause. However, if the submission subsequently is not acted upon in a reasonable time, or is disputed as to liability or amount, it may be converted to a claim for the purpose of this clause.

    Prior to filing a contract claim, the contractor shall contact the Procurement Officer and attempt, in good faith, to resolve by mutual agreement any disputes or disagreements that arise in connection with the Contract. When a dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the contractor shall submit a written contract claim to the Procurement Officer for a decision, made in consultation with the Office of the Attorney General.

    The Procurement Officers decision shall be final and conclusive unless the contractor mails or otherwise files a written appeal as provided by SMCM Procurement Policies and Procedures, Section 8, Protests and Claims within 30 days of receipt of the decision.

    Pending resolution of a claim, the contractor shall proceed diligently with the performance of the contract in accordance with the Procurement Officers decision.

    4. MARYLAND LAW PREVAILS: The place of performance of this contract shall be the State of Maryland. This contract shall be construed, interpreted, and enforced according to the laws of the State of Maryland, and all claims and disputes following a final decision of the Procurement Review Committee shall be brought to court in the State of Maryland in either the District Court of St. Marys County or the Circuit Court for St. Marys County.

    5. TERMINATION OF CONTRACT FOR DEFAULT: If the Contractor fails to fulfill its obligations under this
    contract properly and on time, or otherwise violates any provision of the contract, the College may terminate the contract by written notice to the Contractor. The notice shall specify the acts or omissions relied upon as cause for termination. All finished or unfinished work provided by the Contractor shall, at the Colleges option, become College property. The College shall pay the Contractor fair and equitable compensation for satisfactory performance prior to receipt of notice of termination, less the amount of damages caused by Contractors breach. If the damages are more than the compensation payable to the Contractor, the Contractor will remain liable after termination and the College can affirmatively collect damages.

    6. TERMINATION OF CONTRACT FOR CONVENIENCE: The performance of work under this contract may be terminated by the College in accordance with this clause in whole, or from time to time in part, whenever the College shall determine that such termination is in the best interest of the College. The College will pay all reasonable costs associated with this Contract that the Contractor has incurred up to the date of termination and all reasonable costs associated with termination of this Contract. However, the Contractor shall not be reimbursed for any anticipatory profits which have not been earned up to the date of termination.

    7. PRE EXISTING REGULATIONS: In accordance with the provisions of Section 11 206 of the State Finance and Procurement Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, the regulations set forth in Title 21 of the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR Title 21) which are applicable to St. Marys College of Maryland, and all other regulations and policies of St. Marys College of Maryland in effect on the date of execution of this Contract, are applicable to this Contract.

    8. INDEMNIFICATION: The College has no obligation to provide legal counsel or defense to the Contractor or its subcontractors in the event that a suit, claim or action of any character is brought by any person not party to this Contract against the Contractor or its subcontractors as a result of or relating to the Contractors
    obligations under this Contract. The College has no obligation for the payment of any judgments or the settlement of any claims against the Contractor or its subcontractors as a result of or relating to the Contractors obligations under this contract. The Contractor shall immediately notify the Purchasing Agent at (301) 862 0307 of any claim or suit made or filed against the Contractor or its subcontractors regarding any matter resulting from or relating to the Contractors obligations under the contract and will cooperate, assist, and consult with the College in the defense or investigation of any claim, suit, or action made or filed against the College as a result of or relating to the Contractors performance under this Contract.

    9. ASSIGNMENT: The Contractor shall not sell, transfer, sublease, or otherwise assign its obligation under
    this contract or any portion thereof, or any of its rights, title, or interest therein, without the prior written
    consent of the College.

    10. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: The Contractor hereby represents and warrants that: a) it is qualified to do business in the State of Maryland and that it will take such action as, from time to time, may be necessary to remain so qualified; b) it is not in arrears with respect to the payment of any monies due and owing the State of Maryland or any department or unit thereof, including but not limited to the payment of taxes and employee benefits, and that it shall not become so in arrears during the term of this Contract; c) it shall comply with all Federal, State and local laws, regulations and ordinances applicable to its activities and obligations under this Contract; including, but not limited to, payment of Maryland State Admission and Amusement Tax (if applicable), withholding tax or any other applicable taxes or union dues, and d) it shall procure, at its expense, all licenses, permits, insurance and governmental approvals, if any, necessary to the performance of its obligations under this Contract.

    11. COLLEGE POLICIES, RULES AND REGULATION: The Contractor agrees to abide by all College policies, rules and regulations in effect for all St. Marys College of Maryland employees while working on the campus and/or dealing with any students off the campus in furtherance of the Contractors obligations under this contract.

    12. CONTINGENT FEE PROHIBITION: The Contractor warrants that it has not employed or retained any person, partnership, corporation, or other entity, other than a bonafide employee or agent working for the Contractor, to solicit or secure this Contract, and that it has not paid or agreed to pay any person, partnership, corporation, or other entity, other than a bona fide employee or agent, any fee or any other consideration contingent on the making of this Contract. For breach or violation of this warranty, the College shall have the right to annul this Contract without liability or, in its discretion, to deduct from the consideration otherwise payable to the Contractor the full amount of such fee or other consideration.

    13. RETENTION OF RECORDS: The Contractor shall retain and maintain all records and documents relating to the performance of this Contract for three years after final payment by the College hereunder or any applicable statute of limitation, whichever is longer, and shall make them available for inspection and audit by authorized representatives of the College, including the College Representative or his/her designee, at all reasonable times.

    14. NON-HIRING OF EMPLOYEES: No employee of the College whose duties as such employee include matters relating to or affecting the subject matter of this Contract, shall, while so employed, become or be an employee of the party or parties hereby contracting with the College within six months of termination of employment with the College.

    15. NON-AVAILABILITY OF FUNDING: If funds are not appropriated or otherwise made available for continued performance for any fiscal period of this Contract succeeding the first fiscal period, this Contract shall be canceled automatically as of the beginning of the new fiscal year for which funds were not appropriated or otherwise made available; provided, however, that this will not affect either the College's rights
    or the Contractor's rights under any termination clause in this Contract. The effect of termination of the Contract hereunder will be to discharge both the Contractor and the College from future performance of the Contract, but not from their rights and obligations existing at the time of termination. The Contractor shall be reimbursed for the reasonable value of any nonrecurring costs incurred but not amortized in the price of the Contract. The College shall notify the Contractor as soon as it has knowledge that funds may not be available for the continuation of this Contract for each succeeding fiscal period beyond the first.

    16. DELAYS AND EXTENSIONS OF TIME: The Contractor agrees to perform its duties under this agreement continuously and diligently. No charges or claims for damages shall be made by the Contractor for any delays or hindrances, regardless of cause, in the performance of services under this Contract. Time extensions may be granted only for excusable delays that arise from unforeseeable causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of the Contractor, including but not restricted to, acts of God, acts of the public enemy, acts of the State in either its sovereign or contractual capacity, acts of another Contractor in the performance of a College or State contract, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, freight embargoes, or the delay of a subcontractor or supplier arising from unforeseeable causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of either the Contractor or the subcontractor or supplier.

    17. PROHIBITION AGAINST SHIFTING MARYLAND INCOME TO OUT-OF-STATE AFFILIATES: The Contractor may not, for any period during the Contract term, seek to reduce the amount of Contractors income subject to Maryland income tax by payments made to an affiliated entity or an affiliates agent for the right to use trademarks, trade names, or other intangible property associated with Contractor. Contractor agrees that during the course of this Contract it shall not make any such royalty or similar payments to any affiliated company; and if any such royalty or similar payments are made, Contractor and the affiliated company shall file separate Maryland income tax returns and pay their respective Maryland income taxes in such a manner that Contractor does not claim a deduction against Maryland income tax for such payments, and the affiliated company receiving the royalty or similar payment files Maryland income tax returns and pays Maryland tax, under a formula that reasonably apportions the income of the affiliated company among the states, including Maryland, in which the Contractor does business. Contractor agrees that it is authorized to bind is affiliated entities to the terms hereof.