Film Placement: Stoner Comedy - Indie/Rock

Posted by:  Cutting Edge Group


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Indie, alternative, pop and rock artists! Don't miss your LAST CHANCE to submit to The Cutting Edge Group, who are seeking songs to place in their upcoming stoner comedy movie. The film is an independent and set to the tone of 'American Pie' meets 'Half Baked'. Selected songs will earn $1,000-$3,500 in licensing for use in this independent film./n/nThe Cutting Edge Group is seeking songs to place in an upcoming stoner comedy movie. They are seeking indie rock, alternative rock, and pop rock tracks to sync to specific scenes in the movie. The director and music supervisors already have specific sounds in mind and submitted works should fit the style and tone laid out in the description. Selected artists earn a $1,000-$3,500 all-in license fee for placed songs.

The film is an independent film set to the tone of 'American Pie' meets 'Half Baked'. The plot involves a smarmy high school principal who suddenly institutes a zero-tolerance crusade, introducing mandatory drug tests for all students. The film will feature major Hollywood actors and is set fo theatrical release.

Tracks are needed for the following scenes:

  • Making Brownies- The scene shows Henry and Travis buying baking supplies then making massive amounts of brownies. The song’s building energy drives the scene.

  • Villain is Coming- The song should build eerie tension as the villain heads to the school and the heroes search the school for cameras.

  • Cougar- A fun song possibly with woman/girl themed lyrics plays as the principal’s cougar wife swims laps in the pool.

  • The Villain Has Arrived- The villain has arrived at the school. This song comes in edgy, and tough with attitude. Somebody’s in trouble!

  • Skateboard Stunt- The scene features an amazing skateboard stunt and the energy really drives the scene. The chosen song should be funky, fun, and high energy. It should be a feel good buildup.

  • English Final- The scene is Henry the valedictorian attempting to blow his English final. Looking for Ironic or thoughtful songs that build. Something along the lines of Harmonies of Life by Money Mark.

  • The Kiss- The song plays as Henry & the lead girl kiss. Romantic lyrics and upbeat vibe make track work.

  • Water the Plants- This song plays as the main characters water the plants. It needs to convey that something really good is happening.

  • End Credits- An upbeat song to end the film. It should reflect the feelings of the good guys winning.

This film has several Sonicbids listings spanning multiple genre fields. Be sure to also check out their hip-hop/urban, electronica, and 80s pop/New Wave listings to see if any of the other opportunities apply to you. Some songs overlap between genres. Please submit to each individual song only once, multiple submissions will not help your chances.