SunScreen Music Video Festival

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In its second year, SunScreen is Australia's first and only Independent music video competition.

The aim of Sunscreen is to give independent artists a chance to showcase their music videos without the competition of big budget videos from the majors. We accept all genres of music.

Please note: Since we are looking for videos, artists who submit must have a Supersonic EPK with a video uploaded. Also note that the competition is only open to Australian artists and videos with a budget of less than $15,000 AUD.

Selected artists will be entered into an audience interactive competition, which will run approx 2-3 months prior to the event. 2 Australian 'Independent' artists will be showcased per week at from October 1st through to December 1st. 2 of the 4 videos from each week will be considered the winners based on the amount of votes they receive. This means that 16 videos will be considered finalists. Finalist videos will be showcased at the Festival Of the Sun ( on December 15 & 16, 2006.

The winner, who will be selected at the Festival of the Sun will get $10,000 worth of Industry prizes towards your next video. Last yearÂ’s winners were Broken yellow who spent their 2005 winnings on shooting The Herds 'I was only 19', which has since been downloaded by thousands.

SunScreen provides the opportunity for directors to gain credibility as well as artists to gain huge exposure. All Sonicbids members that enter before October 1st will be considered for an allocated, guaranteed spot to play live on the Festival of The Sun Stage.

Terms And Conditions


1) The 2006 SunScreen Music Video Festival (the Festival) is only open to Artists and/or filmmakers currently residing in any state or territory of Australia and who have been for at least 6 months of the 2006 calendar year. The music video can be shot on any format, however the budget must be under $15,000 AUD. The artist(s) promoted by the video must be either unsigned or signed to an independent record label. The music video must have been produced no later than 1st July 2006 and filmed in Australia.
2) Weekly Finalists will be selected by the SunScreen Music Video Festival committee. Weekly winners will be selected interactively (online and/or via SMS) by members of the public. The grand finalists will be announced on Tuesday 5 December 2006 and screened on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th December 2006 at Festival Of The Sun ( from which prize winners will be chosen by the public in attendance. The voters decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. Any prizes awarded are not transferable, replaceable or redeemable for cash unless clearly specified.
3) Music videos entered into SunScreen Music Video Festival via Sonicbids will be required to enter using a supersonic EPK.
4) Music videos entered into SunScreen Music Video Festival via post must be submitted on two (2) Region 4 DVDs and must be accompanied by the entry fee and correctly completed and signed entry form. Entries not accompanied by this fee(s) and form(s) will not be considered for the Festival.
5) Submissions through Sonicbids will amount to US$22.50 which is close approximate to $30.00 fee in Australian dollars.
6) Entries may be submitted from 1st August 2006 to 15th November 2005 (entries submitted later than 5.00pm on this date will not be considered). Due to the tournament structure of the Festival, it is strongly recommended that entries be submitted as early as possible. All entries from Sonic Bids artists entered before October 1st will be considered to play Festival Of The Sun 06.
7) All entries and support material become the property of the SunScreen Music Video Festival and will not be returned.
8) All DVDs and support material become the property of the SunScreen Music Video Festival and will not be returned.
9) Grand Finalist entrants will be required to submit an exhibition copy of their music video on SP or DIGITAL BETACAM (or as otherwise arranged) by a date to be nominated by the SunScreen Music Video Festival. These copies will be returned by arrangement between the SunScreen Music Video Festival and the entrant.
10) The entrant/producer grants the SunScreen Music Video Festival the non-exclusive rights to: reproduce the music video, or parts of the music video, to include it as part of compilations; and to exhibit the music video by any means of communicating to the public, including theatrical screenings, internet, cable, satellite or by any medium not yet devised, for the purpose of promoting the SunScreen Music Video Festival. ''Parts of the music video'' includes the use of the submitted support material. If this occurs, there will be no royalties, mechanicals or performance payments made.
11) The entrant/producer guarantees that they are entitled to grant SunScreen Music Video Festival the above non-exclusive rights.
10) The entrant/producer guarantees that they have obtained all the necessary permissions to enter this music video and that the music video does not infringe upon the rights, including copyrights of any party. This means the entrant/producer guarantees that: they are entitled to reproduce all aspects of the music video, such as sound recording as including music and sound effects, and scripts; and all actors featured in the music video have consented to the use of their performances/appearances by signing a release form.
13) By signing this entry form the entrant/producer indemnifies the SunScreen Music Video Festival, Festival of The Sun, GD Worldwide Pty Ltd, Sand Events Pty Ltd, Red Rug and the Festival organisers against all actions, suits, claims or demands, costs or expenses (including legal fees) arising out of or referable to any claim by any person or entity made against the Festival or its organisers in relation to the above guarantees and grants.
14) Due to unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances (eg. weather/technical difficulties), the festival cannot guarantee that all finalist's clips will screen at the festival. In the case of this event, the festival committee will decide winners. Entry fees will not be refunded.
15) These Terms and Conditions shall be construed under and governed by the laws of New South Wales Australia and the entrant/producer agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales Australia.
16) No waiver by the SunScreen Music Video Festival, Festival of The Sun, GD Worldwide Pty Ltd, Sand Events Pty Ltd and the Festival organisers of any breach or default by the entrant/producer shall be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach or default.
17) If any provision of these Terms & Conditions is or becomes void, voidable or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the Terms & Conditions will continue to be of full force and effect.