The Common Good Music Series

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The Common Cup, in keeping with their mission to foster community and aid local non-profit agencies in East Rogers Park, has begun The Common Good Music Series, which is held every Friday from 7-9pm.

Any and all proceeds The Common Cup receives, including from submission fees, will benefit local non-profit Community agencies! The Common Cup has a capacity of 24-30 people, and very modest sound reinforcement is all that's needed. The space is an approximately 16 X 16 storefront. The series is advertised in the store and via email. Hopefully, you will notify your fan list as well. There will also be a blackboard outside the shop on the sidewalk café advertising the show.

The room is acoustically very ‘live’ and some are able to carry it without amplification; a ‘touch’ of sound reinforcement is preferred for the softer dynamics. A small amp or one small PA speaker and small mixer set up is suggested.

Every month the tip jar and event proceeds are designated to be given to a local, non-profit organization that serves the citizens of Rogers Park. To qualify, the organization must be a registered 501C3 non- profit whose mission states that they are serving the residents of Rogers Park and who have an annual report and /or 990s to show how much of their expenditures go to benefit the community and how much is administrative/fund raising. The suggested show donation is $5, but all donations accepted.

Terms And Conditions

Music performers would agree that door donations would go to the monthly beneficiary charity. Also, musicians agree that their benefit from performing would be threefold:
1. perform for an audience
2. sell their CDs and keep the proceeds
3. good karma from assisting charitable efforts.

Performers must agree that all material is 'family friendly' meaning that the lyrical content is not obscene. We don't mean to limit material that offers challenging ideas socially or politically or otherwise, but you'll want to keep the material ok for teens, etc. since the place is an 'all ages' venue

Performing acts will be limited in size to a maximum of trios, acoustic only, no full drum sets, though hand percussion is ok