The Cook - Licensing Opportunity for Comedy/Horror Movie

Posted by:  The Cook Movie, LLC


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The creators of “The Cook” are looking for artists in a variety of genres to be a part of their upcoming Horror/Comedy film. There are SIX slots reserved for Sonicbids artists.

PLEASE NOTE: If you submitted to the scenes listed six months ago, please do not submit any duplicate songs. We do have those available to choose from, but these are all different cues and all require specific sounding music. A list of desired song types can be found below.

THE COOK will pay a flat license fee of $500 for use of the selected song in the film, in all media, in advertising and on any soundtrack. Additionally, performance royalties will be paid on any broadcast and standard record & mechanical royalties will paid for use on the soundtrack. Any song appearing in the film would also appear on any film soundtrack created.

A DVD distribution deal is anticipated this summer thorough Strategic Film Partners who currently represents the Cook. There is the possibility of a limited theatrical run, but definitely expect TV (both domestic & foreign).

Selected artists MUST own their own publishing and master.


“The Cook” is a “B” comedy-horror film in the vain of Sorority House Massacre, Sleep Away Camp (Parts 1-3), Evil Toons & Halfway House.

Over a long holiday weekend, unable to escape the confines of their sorority house, a handful of unsuspecting girls are left behind to enjoy the weekend. Their normal house staff, including the chef, are all on holiday, leaving them to fend for themselves. Thankfully someone was kind enough to send them a temporary replacement to cook their meals. When they start disappearing one-by-one they begin to suspect something may not be quite right with...THE COOK. Where your next meal could be your last.

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Music Needed

  • A punk, alternative Song. (ie: Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Cold War Kids) for the first dinner scene in which The Cook has just killed his first victim, and happily serves her cooked remains to the rest of the sorority sisters unbeknownst to them. (It's not serious at all, and rather light - as they don't suspect a thing.)

  • A vintage, fun, original song. (ie: right now we have - Chakachas "Jungle Fever," although Carl Douglas & Timmy Thomas are also good examples). In this scene girls are drinking tequila and doing body shots. Two of the girls are being instructed on how to do body shots by their friend, Pam.

  • A pop or alternative song a la New Order "The Village," The Cure or Joy Division for a scene 2 in which Lance and Bunny are studying. These two have a bit of sexual tension between them, that has yet to bubble over, but is progressing. Here Lance helps Bunny catch up on her many classes. (he's the geek, she's the knockout)

  • A punky, rock sound similar to The Raveonettes’ "Dirty Eyes," My Bloody Valentine, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Nine Inch Nails for scene 3 in which Anastasia, the resident goth/punk/grunge type is going after another girl.

  • A pop, alternative song similar to New Order’s "Age of Consent," The Bravery or Kings of Leon for a scene featuring a drinking game I which these close friends are having a great time, letting loose, joking around and drinking lots. (in stark contrast to those being killed around them)

  • The end credits can feature any type of great music while hilarious outtakes are rolling, as long as it’s conducive to high energy and laughter. This could be anything. Really open to great music ideas for this one!

    A Note from the Executive Producers

    We on The Cook team are excited to bring in more Sonicbids artists to our film. We've had such a positive reaction to the first three cues we chose. Everyone can't believe the quality of music. We had to open up some more slots!