The Mirror - Song Licensing for a Major Movie

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Big Screen Entertainment's “The Mirror” will pay a flat license fee of $600.00 for use of the selected song in the film, in all media, in advertising and on any soundtrack. Additionally, performance royalties will be paid on any broadcast and standard record and mechanical royalties will paid for use on the soundtrack. Distribution for the soundtrack will be secured after post-production is completed.


College freshman Nina Theopholis (Erin Cahill) returns home for summer break to stay with her parents Nick (Thaao Penghlis) and Mary (Kelly LeBrock) in their hundred year old dream house. When the lights go out one day, a mysterious, young electrician Jeff (Shiloh Strong) answers the call. While repairing the house's outdated wiring, Jeff uncovers a hidden chamber built into the adjacent hillside. The secret room looks directly into the luxurious master bath through a double sided mirror.

Instead of informing the homeowners of his discovery, Jeff does the unthinkable: he begins to videotape their lives, watching and recording their most private, intimate moments. Soon, Jeff's voyeuristic camerawork focuses entirely upon the young and beautiful Nina.

One night, while Nina's parents are away, she throws a wild party. Long after the last guest is gone, Nina collapses to the floor in a drunken state and stops breathing. Jeff as the sole witness from his secret lair has no choice but to break into the house to save her. Grateful but suspicious, Nina threatens to call the cops unless Jeff tells her how he got into the house. Jeff takes Nina to the secret room behind the mirror. At first revolted by Jeff's video diary of her family's activities, Nina quickly becomes strangely fascinated.

Watching her mom and dad without their knowledge, Nina discovers that everything she once believed about her perfect family is all a lie. Her father's successful business is a sham, and her mother spends her days in quiet desperation pining over an extramarital affair. Nina watches in transfixed horror as her mom has a rendezvous with a sleazy con man named Harvey (Bryan Callen). But when Harvey returns later that night to take infrared photographs of the bathroom walls Nina realizes there is more going on than just her mother's infidelity.

With Jeff's help, Nina begins to investigate. They discover that Harvey is actually the grandson of the house's original owner, Johnny Rambova. Rambova was a silent film star from the 1920's who was infamous for the hedonistic orgies he threw at his estate. Rambova secretly filmed his
guests through the two way mirror and made a fortune blackmailing the rich and powerful. But Rambova crossed the wrong man and was executed in cold blood.

Eighty years ago, Johnny Rambova was murdered in front of The Mirror that brought him his forbidden fortune. Now Rambova's grandson has returned to search for his "inheritance". Unless Nina and Jeff can find Rambova's secret treasure first, blood will once again be spilled and The Mirror will claim another victim.

You can see the trailer here

Music Needed

  • Two upbeat techno cues, with ambient grooves, then
    hard-hitting rhythms. These need to be fun pieces, not too hardcore, and must have some nice breaks. These are used as a bed as Nina, the leading girl, talks about the crazy things that have been going on in her house and in her life.

  • An electronic cue that is more weird, experimental, as the two young leads in the film, Jeff and Nina, film each other. This piece is psychedelic and can have a weird thumping groove and a moog-type feel.

  • A slowly driving and cool track similar to “Trainspotting” by Primal Scream with some subtle changes and breaks with guitar and keyboard riffs so that it doesn't feel a never ending bed. Listen to that track for a better idea of what is being sought. This is the longest cue of the film and will be used twice!

  • A loud fun rock/poppy party song, for what else, a party.

  • A piece of rock source music, that Nina is listening to while
    talking on the phone. Think blink 182.

  • An uplifting rock song, bittersweet and cool, that starts as Nina and Jeff figure out the mystery of the Mirror, then as they kiss almost by accident. This then leads us into an end credit.

  • Song for the end credits. This can be fun and rock out but needs to be more pop than punk. Think Smash Mouth or Blink 182.

    1930s-style music

    Music is also needed for the 1930s flashback scenes but the songs need to sound authentic, like they were written and performed back then. These are source type cues that are also used as score.

  • 30's music fast honky tonk piano, think "Ridin' High" by Cole Porter
  • 30's Cab Calloway "Take me back to Old Whazoo"
  • a nice-nostalgic sounding song for an intro to 30 scene
  • source music during a love scene from the 30's

    Lastly, please submit Greek traditional folk music if you have it.