TheMusicReps: Digital Distribution

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TheMusicReps is an artist/booking agency based in The Netherlands. They have previously worked with Sonicbids arranging tours for artists overseas. They are always looking to develop ideas to extend opportunities for new acts in the Netherlands. They are now accepting submissions from Sonicbids artists to be included in their digital distribution campaign.

They are offering selected artists the opportunity to place an album on up to 80 digital distribution companies in The Netherlands which will sell your album as digital downloads. In addition to the digital distribution, TheMusicReps will offer your album for download and airplay to nearly 200 national and regional radio stations in The Netherlands. All of this exposure will be accompanied by promotional press releases sent to various music magazines, websites, national and regional newspapers, as well as alternative weeklies. TheMusicReps also offer a viral email marketing campaign which could prove to be very useful to artists with large email lists.

TheMusicReps will pay all royalties on a quarterly basis. Selected artists will receive 60% of the download price (Single Tracks will be sold for €0,99 each and full albums at €9,95). They are hoping to make 5 selections each week, pending the number of submissions. This is a great gig for any artist looking to gain media exposure in The Netherlands or sell their music internationally.

PLEASE NOTE: TheMusicReps are requiring all selected artists to pay additional fees before moving forward with digital distribution and promotion. All artists are required to pay an Artist Fee of $12.50, an Album Fee of $5.00 + $1/track, and a Promotion fee of $25.00. These fees are set to cover the cost of creating an artist page on the digital distribution websites as well as writing and distributing press releases.