The Real Radio Show (Mar-Jun '12)

Posted by:  Natural 1 Ent. Inc.


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A Hi-Energy -- Unscripted, Artist Driven, Entertainment Show; loosely connected by the Bizarre humor provided by the Cast, personalities & disarming humor make for a candid and enjoyable appearance, for any celebrity guest or artist. The Real Radio Show provides an all--access pass thru the warped & unpredictable radio world of Frankie Dee.

"The Real Radio Show" On WRCN 103.9FM based out of Long Island New York is seeking Indie artists for airplay in all types of genres including R&B, hip-hop, rap, rock, country and other sub-genres of all music. All artists who are selected for airplay on "The Real Radio Show" WRCN 103.9FM will be considered for studio performances that are pre-taped on every Monday Night from 5:30-7:30PM on a live Webcam Seen on Or at Evolution Sound Stage on Long Island New York and Saturday night from 11pm to 1am EST following “House Of Hair” with Dee Snider.

The Cast:

Frankie Dee – Host

Creator, Producer, Editor

Frankie Dee has interviewed many celebrities on his radio show including: Chubby Checker, LL Cool J,Peter Criss (Kiss), just to name a few. In October 2010, Frankie Dee did an Exclusive Interview with Peter Criss from Kiss. Peter reflected, to Frankie Dee, about his bout with male breast cancer.

Henry K. - Co-Host

He has an uncanny ability to discover New Artists and uses this ability to bring the best upcoming artists from around the world.

AJ Pero - Co-Host

Born Anthony Jude Pero in October 1959 in, Staten Island NY, A.J. epitomizes the saying born with the sticks in his hands. A.J. received his first drum kit at the age of 3, when his Mom and Dad realized that the kid had a way with the pots and pans. A.J. proceeded to destroy that drum set rather quickly, and received his first real drum set, a red sparkle Ludwig at the age of 4. Anthony Jude Pero is the drummer of the American heavy metal band Twisted Sister.

Nilka Hendricks - Co-Host

Nilka Hendricks, a 30-year-old local from Glen Cove, took the limelight on Fox’s seventh season of Hell’s Kitchen. While attending school, Nilka worked at L.I.J Children’s Hospital. Although Nilka worked hard in the medical field she had another love, cooking. She knew that was her passion. Whenever Nilka cooked at family functions she enjoyed seeing the comfort her food brought to her family.


  • "I want you to listen to The Real Radio Show; It's real Baby!!" -Coolio

  • "It was almost like family. I felt like I was at a family reunion on the phone." -Graig Goldy (Dio)

  • "A lot of fun; Love it! I will be back anytime!" -Mike Reno (Loverboy)

  • "Real Radio was just about the most fun I've had on a radio interview since I started my career! I loved their energy!" -Shane Sparks