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The Trunk Space is a 1100 sq. ft. art gallery that also hosts live entertainment events, specializing in underground and avant-garde talent. The venue is all ages (not a bar) and holds as many as 25 live shows a month with a capacity of about 125 people.

The Trunk Space is intensely picky about who they select! Please pay close attention to the description of the types of music booked at the venue:

The Trunk Space looks for experimental, avant garde, vaudeville, jazz, cabaret, folk punk, jug bands, folk, circuit bent, A cappella, aleatoric, art, bluegrass, ska, improvisational, Japanese pop, lo-fi, math rock, and punk polka, but more specifically is looking for anything truly unique and original.

As a general rule, The Trunk Space does not book metal, contemporary country, "coffee shop folk," cover bands, 99% of punk acts, emo, and this years fashion bands.

The Trunk Space wants to book the guy whose main inspiration is Larry "Wildman" Fischer or Crispin Glover, whose main instrument is the broken hubcap she picked up in the parking lot, a puppet show, or a 25 year old broken filmstrip projector.

Acts at The Trunk Space are "indie," but that DOESN'T mean that the artist must be traditionally radio-friendly indie (no Arcade Fire, no Interpol, no Hives, no Wolf Eyes). When you think of artists who perform at The Trunk Space, think Peelander-Z, James Kochalka Superstar, or Kimya Dawson... folks that avant-garde would consider avant-garde.

Artists that book with The Trunk Space can be provided with a good media list to send press packets to (it is recommended to send them out 6 weeks in advance). The show will also be posted on the venue's official website, and as many other local websites possible. The show will also be included in the print calendar (as many as 250 are printed each month) and distributed with any posters/flyers that the artist may provide.

If you are booking multiple venues in Phoenix over consecutive (or near dates), please be upfront about it, as The Trunk Space has non-compete contracts with several other venues, and does not want to create problems (canceled shows, negation of contracts) for any artists.

Also, The Trunk Space can not afford to pay music licensing fees (ASCAP, BMI, etc) which means all material performed must be your own, or compositions not controlled by such copyright.

Bands are compensated with 50/50 split of the door charge(usually 6 or 7 dollars) between the venue and the bands playing. The Trunk Space can not provide guarantees for bands. The Trunk Space provides a PA system that is appropriate for our venue size. It is primarily used for vocals only, and the occasional keyboard.