Threadgill's New OLD #1

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Threadgill's: Feel Good Food and Great Music for 75 Years and counting... History shows that the Threadgill's restaurants, museum, and live music venues have more to do with Austin's cultural and musical heritage than almost any other institutions within the city limits.

Threadgill's New Old #1 on North Lamar Blvd. in Austin, Texas is a storied venue, the site of Kenneth Threadgill's original store and gas station where countless Texas musicians, including Janis Joplin, were encouraged to find their voice by singing for their supper.

Their early-2008 renovation and remodel has given them an expanded dining and music presentation room seating approximately 80 to 100 people at tables and chairs. They have a brand new sound system centered around Allen & Heath, QSC, and Crown equipment, and a cadre of competent sound reinforcement technicians. The stage lighting is simple but variable and effective. According to the statements of many who have recently played this venue the feel of the room from the stage is wonderful. Artist-to-audient contact is superb. This room is on its way to becoming one of the principal showcase venues in Austin.

In order to help distinguish Threadgill's Old #1 from many other Austin venues, they are serious about sound quality and also about sound quantity. They intend to restrain sound pressure levels in order to provide a venue that offers not only "Comfort Food" but "Comfort Listening" as well. Their own market research suggests that among the multitudes of humans who might enjoy live music, perhaps half of them no longer consider live music an entertainment option, simply because from their sensible point of view it's always too loud. They intend to deliver live music environments where sound-pressure-level-disenfranchised people can come and enjoy good food and music in comfort. They seek and insist upon the cooperation of artists regarding this issue.

They’re looking to work with performers who have a draw in Austin and wish to establish their act in a north Austin venue, for out-of-town performers who are seeking to establish themselves in Austin and could use a showcase venue's name in their resumé, and for known performing entities who feel they can get this room to work for them financially.

While payment terms are subject to negotiation in some instances, Threadgill's Old #1 offers either to collect a cover charge set by the artist(s), 100% of which goes to the band, or to "pass the banjo" to collect tips from the audience. Some artists, such as Jason Roberts of Asleep at the Wheel and James "Slim" Hand, are succeeding with a cover charge, and many are choosing to play for tips in order to build an audience here.

Let's face it, Austin is saturated with music venues and performers, and if you are not well established here you probably won't sell a single ticket at the door. Playing for tips can help you build an audience and reputation in Austin. Accomplish that and you'll be able to charge at the door.

They encourage artists to vend their merchandise here, and they take no cut of merchandise sales.

They offer food and beverages for performers, and genuine Southern hospitality of the cross-cultural variety.

Many styles of music work well in this room, but obviously, smaller ensembles tending toward acoustic music allow easy restraint of volume levels and spread the money over fewer performers. Think about your own act and the needs of this venue before you submit a bid. Ask yourself honestly, "Do I think our band will fit these requirements?" Otherwise, you could easily waste money on bid submissions that have zero chance of succeeding.

If you believe your music will fit and you are accepting of our terms of payment, please do submit a bid and get to work with Mr. Chumbley to find your date at Threadgill's Old #1.