Pre-Clearing Music for Two Major Television Networks

Posted by:  Tinderbox Music

  Booking 1 Sonicbids band

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One Sonicbids artist will be selected each month to acquire Master and Sync License(s) for The Discovery Network and/or NASCAR Productions (either or potentially both). Artists will receive royalties for music that airs via their PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc.) and gain amazing exposure by having their music featured in a Discovery or NASCAR produced program. The licensing opportunities for this Sonicbids listing are NON-EXCLUSIVE and NO RE-TITLING WORK will be done with these agreements. There are no upfront or back-ended costs to artists that are chosen for this opportunity. Selected artists will be cleared for use on one or both of the networks, but this does not guarantee use of songs on a show.

Tinderbox may require contact with artists that have submitted to this listing of whom Tinderbox is interested in to develop a further understanding of said artists' brand, catalog, clout, songwriting and publishing situations. 

About the Networks: 

Discovery Communications, Inc. is home to not just Discovery Channel, but to TLC, I.D. (Investigation Discovery), the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Discovery Fit & Health, the Military Channel, Planet Green, Animal Planet, and more. 

NASCAR Productions is the engine of a worldwide brand for all kinds of racing related television programming spanning multiple networks. Those include The Sprint Cup Series, The Nationwide Series, The Camping World Truck Series, ARCA and more. (Check out an example of NASCAR song placement here or below)

About Tinderbox Music: 

Tinderbox Music is a Minneapolis based boutique promotions firm that has been representing bands for over a decade. The seven members of Tinderbox's staff collectively have over 70 years of music industry experience across almost every area of the music industry. Tinderbox pursues press, tour support, music licensing and distribution for a limited roster of acts each year. Fundamentally though, Tinderbox is hired as a promoter on behalf of bands to represent them to both college and community radio (The CMJ Format) on a national basis. Tinderbox annually charts many bands in the highly coveted CMJ Top 200, with a majority of these bands being self-released. Former notable Tinderbox artists have included Ingrid Michelson, Imagine Dragons, Margot & The Nuclear So and So's, and many more. 

Additionally, Tinderbox Music has placed 1,000+ songs in the past seven years to shows and networks such as: Greys Anatomy, Chuck, The O.C., Six Feet Under, The Real World, The Hills, BUCKWILD, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, ABC Family, G4, TNT, Showtime and many others. Tinderbox also has several unique network relationships that they do whole album content music clearance for. The Discovery Network and NASCAR Productions are two current examples. Most of their licensing opportunities are non-exclusive and quite often they do not re-title the works. 

Tinderbox is always looking to add value to their roster by acquiring clients that the whole team can get behind for radio, press, and TV licensing to develop fundamental marketing plans for exciting new music.

Terms And Conditions

  • These are non-exclusive agreements between the artist(s) and NASCAR/Discovery
  • Selected artists should be able to provide their music digitally or physically, along with instrumental mixes (Tinderbox can work with artists on the instrumental mixes if not immediately available).
  • Artists must be willing to register as a member of a PRO if they are not currently affiliated, and must also register their songs with their PRO. Guidance will be provided by Tinderbox as to how to do this if necessary.
  • Artists are not obligated to sign agreements that are provided.

  • The band will need to be able to provide access to the master recording or uncompressed high quality audio for the submitted song.
  • The band must have rights to the master recording of the submitted song.
  • The band must currently have the publishing rights for the submitted song.