Tour In Europe with Dejame Decirte

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Dejame Decirte is looking for rock bands that are interested in touring in Spain or continental Europe (Spain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium). Dejame Decirte does the booking, promotion and production of the tours. Dejame Decirte is a boutique company that organizes 4-7 tours each year of bands they love and that they believe would have a good response.

Dejame Decirte is now selecting the bands for February, March and April 2013. Dejame Decirte is open to receive applications until September, the 30th.

Dejame Decirte is looking to work with artists in the following genres- classic rock, hard blues rock, and hard rock. The promoter has good relationships with magazines, webzines, radios, venues and local promoters in these genres. Examples of bands that Dejame Decirte has previously worked with include The Muggs, American Dog, Swamp Cabbage, The Jokers, Three Seasons, and Witchburn.

The duration of tours in Spain will be between 17 and 24 days depending on the interest of local promoters and venues and the availability of the band. If the tour also includes other European countries its duration will be between 24 and 31 days depending on the interest of local promoters and venues and the availability of the band. The bands will play 5-6 concerts a week.

Dejame Decirte covers the costs of the promotion: publicity, printing and sending of the posters, flyers. Dejame Decirte also takes charge of the production: hotels, van, gas, backline, driver. The band is responsible for all travel costs associated with getting to Spain (or other location of tour origin) as well as all meals on the tour. Bands will retain 100% of merchandise sales.

With the income generated from the tour, Dejame Decirte will first pay all their costs and then split the remaining income with the bands on the tour.

Dejame Decirte aims on having long term relationships with the bands they work with and help them develop in Europe. A first tour should be seen as an investment as Dejame Decirte usually just covers the costs and the band gets their merch revenues.

Having a record released in the 6-12 months before the tour is very positive. Having at least one released album is a must. We would ask you around 40-60 albums for the promotion of the tour. Good live videos and music videos are also needed to promote the tour in the social media.