TheMusicReps Present: Tour the Netherlands

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This gig is not currently accepting applications. We think you might like these similar gigs.


We're looking for bands all around the world that are interested in touring the Netherlands.

Each tour we arrange will be custom-tailored to the artist we select. We will set you up with a Dutch band with a similar sound. This Dutch band will coordinate the specifics while you’re on the road and have a backline available for the band, which will save you money on the cost of transportation of your own backline or the rental of one in the Netherlands. The Dutch artist will also try to arrange lodging accommodations at the Dutch band members’ places to save hotel costs. If they can’t, arrangements will be made by the venue. When there's no Dutch band available we will arrange all the things the band needs in the Netherlands and guide them during their stay here.

Bands have to pay their own travel costs to and within the Netherlands. On concert dates selected artists will receive free food, free sleeping accommodation and compensation for their performance. On days off, the artist will be responsible for their own accommodations and food by themselves but we support them in finding cheap places.

Normal gigs pay 100-150 Euro per show or will be based on door money. We will charge 15% of the bands fee for arranging the bookings, producing posters and publicity.

Gigs will be arranged throughout the Netherlands in venues that are appropriate based on the musical style of the band. Monday and Tuesday are definite days off and Wednesdays may be as well, which means there will be 3-4 concerts per week. The maximum will be 6 concerts in two weeks time. The tour will be for either one or two weeks depending on what the band wants and the availability of appropriate venues during the time of their tour.

We will not be setting up tours during July and August since most venues are closed for festival season.

All genres are accepted.